Discover how the core wounds of feeling unloved, unknown, and unworthy are impacting your life.

Lasting change comes from a change in consciousness, not a change in behaviour.

The masterclass will give you a powerful way to reframe this experience and begin to use the understanding of these spaces to bring you into a state of peace and confidence.


What is Mentorship?

  • A journey into the depth of your Core Wound.
  • Weekly sessions with Allura Halliwell, Core Wound Healer, to align you, reflect you, and move you to Wholeness.
  • Message support to allow you to process in real time this ground breaking work.
  • Weekly unique Core Wound Healing Content sourced from Consciousness.
  • Frequency Designed Quantum Meditations to radically shift your energetic patterns.
  • Reality breaking challenges and exercises to help you question the paradigm of Core Wound separation.

Who is Mentorship for?

This is for the spiritual seekers, coaches, healers and awakened souls who have done the deepest work but still sense separation from self and a missing piece in their understanding of existence.

The Core Wound Mentorship offers another level of consciousness.
It moves beyond the search to understand self, to understand how the self interfaces with Reality.

The accepted programs, beliefs, operating modes and understanding of healing and energy will be challenged. 

This mentorship is for the brave, determined souls ready to break free from the confines of the Core Wound reality, accessing Wholeness


Join the Group Core Mentorship

COMMENCING February 2024
Group Mentorship is completed in small groups of no more than 5.

So much has aligned to bring you to this moment and I honour you for taking the step to liberate from your Core Wound.

I look forward to connecting with you and sharing in your journey.

One-on-One Mentorship options are available upon application.

- Allura


Understand the matrix of wounded patterns you have lived all your life - so you can finally break out

Revolutionise the way you experience and process Core Wound pain and fear

Reclaim all the wasted energy you have invested in the Core Wound to be energetically self sufficient

Identify your Core Wound bonds with others and realign those relationships to reflect the new relationship with Self

Elements of Mentorship...

Sessions with Allura

This mentorship gives you access to Allura Halliwell, Core Wound Healer. Each week, for 12 weeks, you will be supported through the deepest levels of self-awareness and change. Allura has extensive, multidimensional knowledge of the the Core Wound and its impact on humanity. Her ability to intuitively understand and shift wounded matrix patterns is a life-changing gift. Each session will weave aspects of the course work, with quantum exploration and supportive emotional processing.

Message Support

Allura will be available to give live support as you traverse this energetic reconfiguration from Wounded to Wholeness Reality. This invaluable support is a central aspect of creating lasting change. 

Core Wound Weekly Content

This work is not simply a rehash of other spiritual or psychological work, it is sourced from a deep understanding of the consciousness of the Core Wound. The theoretical course work, offers you a new foundation to explore reality. At the base of it, this will be about learning the difference between a closed, three dimensional, Wounded Reality and an open, multidimensional Wholeness Reality. From this point, understanding the mechanisms that are used to maintain the former and how to integrate more fully into the later are explored. These are the keys to liberate you. They are set out in easy to understand terms and you are fully supported in their real world application.

Reality Shifting Quantum Meditations

These meditations are integral to your journey. The meditations are frequency mastered and matched to the weekly content. The power in this experience is that your mental knowledge is matched by an energetic immersion into the Quantum Field. Here multidimensional healing, timeline shifting and reality reconfiguration is effortlessly supported.

Reality Won't Look The Same Again

This experience will permanently shift your lens of reality. For the first time in your life you won’t believe you are the problem instead you will see how you engage with a problematic reality. When you become conscious of this and change the rules of engagement you will experience a great liberation of energy and consciousness which will shift how you create, how you love, how you feel and ultimately who you are.


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Working with Allura is honestly a life changing experience!!!!
Her core wound mentorship program takes you on an incredible journey, giving you access to tools that help you move through layers that take you to depths of your consciousness that are truly inspiring!
Nothing is ever the same; every relationship, interaction & perspective is different and it transforms your life in many different ways!!!!
Put just all makes sense!!! ✨ 💫 🌟
I cannot recommend Allura enough, I have never worked with someone like her. I will forever be grateful for her support & guidance. I cannot wait to continue to work with her!!! 🙏🏼🌈❤️

Summary of 12 Weeks of Content

"Having completed the Evolution Mentorship with Allura, I have only the highest recommendation to anyone seeking a deeper inner connection with self and a greater understanding of connection with fellow beings. I completed the Inner Liberation Retreat and felt that Allura’s gift of insight, compassion and understanding of the energy in the conscious and unconscious space was what I needed to delve into the past hurts and trauma that years of therapy and counseling could not resolve. The Evolution mentorship is aptly named. It is a 3 month evolution of the highest self and inner knowing. It will take you on a journey of self discovery that many offer but few actually deliver. And Allura delivers. If you sense an inner knowing that there is more but cannot access it… the Evolution Mentorship is the answer you seek" 

 "I met Allura about half a year ago and I had no idea that I just met someone who would turn my world upside down. I attended the Inner Liberation Retreat and on the first night Allura asked me to write my deepest wish on a paper and throw it into the fire. I wished to feel free again and not be buried under the traumas and sadness that were ruling my life. Six months later… I am free… I would have never thought I would be able to quit my old job and create a new better opportunity, end my old toxic relationship and spread my wings open and fly in love with the new life I created for myself. I now fully trust myself and I feel safe in anything that comes. I feel I met Allura when my soul was screaming for help and she has heard me and healed me with her unconditional love."
Daniela H

 "At the start of the 12 week mentorship, I wasn't travelling so well, I was crying at anything and everything, I was hating myself and work and not wanting to go, I was stuck in a rut and I wasn't sure how I was going to get out of it. The daily support with Allura along with weekly calls and Allura's "work" is life changing. My relationship towards others and myself especially, is more loving, I never ever thought I could love myself but during the mentorship I noticed I was starting to like myself along with behaving and acting more loving towards myself. My mental health has improved so much in this 12 weeks than it has in years of seeing a therapist. Please do not hesitate to sign up to the 12 Week Mentorship."

What is the Core Wound...

The Core Wound is the deep energetic patterning of your existence.

It has kept you in a state of separation and motivated you with fear and pain.

The Core Wound keeps your reality on repeat, locking you into the same experiences, relationships and emotions.

It is the lived experience of the limitation of duality.

The purpose of this mentorship is to liberate you into energetic self- sufficiency and wholeness.

Why is it time...

You have been surviving with your Core Wound, defining so many aspects of your existence.

The deep patterning of your Unloved, Unworthy or Unknown (unseen, unheard, confused state) wound creates perpetual separation.

The investment in continual doing and searching to find relief feels increasingly futile.

You know that you are a deeply intuitive, empathic soul with divine gifts but you are still experiencing deep doubt.

You desire a connected loving fulfilling relationship, yet consistently feel lonely and fearing abandonment or conversely intimacy.

You live in a state of confusion, wanting answers but always feeling like everything is so unknown and volatile.

You desperately want to be seen, heard and acknowledged for you are but there is rarely fulfilment.

You simply do not feel enough.


It's time... you are not here to live like this.

Introducing Allura Halliwell...

Allura has a multidimensional approach to bringing you all the support you need for your inner journey.

She has mastered the art of transformational healing after a radical out of body experience, and now uses her own process to heal deep core wounds, lead Quantum Journeys and re-design the architecture of reality, all with deep empathetic connection.

She has a post graduate degree in psychology, is an Advanced Quantum Meditation teacher, Psych K facilitator to shift limiting beliefs, Non-violent Communication Specialist and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Practitioner.

Allura runs powerful online group programs, leads heart-centred retreats, and has her own podcast called “The Mystic Within”. She specializes in rewiring the energetic patterning of your core wound of unloved, unworthy and unknown so you can live a life of energetic sovereignty.

She is a potent conduit between the human and the divine for all she meets.

Connect with Allura


"How does one find the words to describe how grateful they are for someone entering their life?

I struggled for years with depression, social anxiety, over thinking, dysfunctional relationships, comparing myself to others, the list goes on. Underlying this was a core belief that I was unlovable and not enough.

Across 15 years I saw many conventional therapists and alternative healers but never saw any real results. Then I met Allura. As soon as we spoke I knew she really understood me and I felt called to join her mentorship program. I can safely say it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. Tears of happiness fill my eyes as I write this and reflect upon how grateful I am that our paths crossed.

Allura is a powerful mentor. She is deeply loving and understanding, whilst simultaneously direct and honest.

Allura was quickly able to pinpoint and help me rewrite some of my programs from childhood and adolescence that had had a huge influence on my existence. I experienced shifts in my ability to interact with friends and strangers, whereby my inner voice that constantly judged me became mostly silent.

I have also felt huge shifts in my ability to witness myself rather than react. Witnessing has allowed me the space to understand the source of my thoughts and actions, and then respond in different ways rather than continue to repeat dysfunctional patterns and behaviours.

The daily communication with Allura was incredibly supportive. To discuss my thoughts, pain and challenges in real time was invaluable. The weekly sessions were incredibly powerful. I spent hours taking notes from the recordings of these sessions to capture all the 'gold nuggets' that Allura provided. There was nothing that I brought to her that she wasn't able to enlighten my consciousness on.

The overall experience has completely changed my understanding of the human experience. It has enabled me to view so many things with fresh eyes - concepts like time, fear, self love, unconditional love and social norms.

Dearest Allura, from all versions of me and the depths of my heart, thank you for guiding me through the process of saving myself ♥️"

 "After being introduced to the core wound work on the Inner Liberation retreat, it was important to me to be part of the Mentorship group to explore and embed the learnings more deeply.
Having the support of the group setting in the Mentorship was fantastic and we are still all close. We learned so much from each other by sharing our own stories, and by witnessing others go through their journey in real time.
This work takes time to put into practice, so 12 weeks was a perfect amount of time to start to unwind my old way of being, to make changes and see results.
Allura has this unique quality of being able to really see you, and whilst being gentle and compassionate, is also able to speak truth so pointedly that it hits home. This work just makes complete sense to me in a way that other modalities have before. It’s simplified the way I can move in and see the world. Allura is also not a ‘guru’, it’s all about you, not her. She just helps you to become sovereign and empowered in your world, by giving you a framework or lens through which to see reality that totally makes sense.
The Mentorship is for people who are ready for change, and who are ready to do the work because you will get profound results when you do. But you have support from Allura constantly (all day, every day!) and if you do the Mentorship with a group you have the support of wonderful humans also on their journeys. I am so grateful for the friendships and the life changes that have come out of this experience."

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So much has aligned to bring you to this moment and I honour you for taking the step to liberate from your Core Wound.

I look forward to connecting with you and sharing in your journey.

- Allura

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