What is the mentorship?


  • A journey into the depth of your Core Wound.
  • Weekly sessions with Allura Halliwell, Core Wound Healer, to align you, reflect you, move you to Wholeness.
  • Message support to allow you to process in real time this ground breaking work.
  • Weekly unique Core Wound Healing Content sourced from Consciousness.
  • Frequency Designed Quantum Meditations to radically shift your energetic patterns.
  • Reality breaking challenges and exercises to help you question the paradigm of Core Wound separation.

Group Core Wound Mentorship


So much has aligned to bring you to this moment and I honour you for taking the step to liberate from your Core Wound.

I look forward to connecting with you and sharing in your journey.

One-on-One Mentorship options are available upon application.

- Allura

Group Mentorship


Join an aligned group embarking on the same core wound-healing journey to redefine their reality.


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Elements of the Mentorship




Working with Allura is honestly a life changing experience!!!!
Her core wound mentorship program takes you on an incredible journey, giving you access to tools that help you move through layers that take you to depths of your consciousness that are truly inspiring!

Nothing is ever the same; every relationship, interaction & perspective is different and it transforms your life in many different ways!!!!

Put simply...it just all makes sense!!! ✨ 💫 🌟

I cannot recommend Allura enough, I have never worked with someone like her. I will forever be grateful for her support & guidance. I cannot wait to continue to work with her!!! 🙏🏼🌈❤️

Why the Core Wound Mentorship is Unique

This mentorship is unique because it alchemises, many aspects of self, many aspects of reality and many modalities to create real personal change.

Every week you will:

  • Your sessions with Allura act as powerful consciousness mirrors. This reflection and challenge creates space for greater quantum attainment and energetic coherence

  • You will develop a relationship with your over-conscious or higher self to expand you into truth beyond your wound illusion

  • You will be initiated into a deeper understanding of the mechanism, structure and impact of the core wound on your reality

  • You will be challenged to apply this knowledge in a your own personal experience through transformational processing tools

  • You will be invited to observe and assess the emotional, physical and thought structures that connect you to reality

  • You will work in a multidimensional way accessing the Quantum field to redesign the relationship with self and others

  • You will liberate from your Core Wound

Summary of 12 Weeks of Content

Who is this for?


This is for the spiritual seekers, coaches, healers and awakened souls who have done the deepest work but still sense separation from self and a missing piece in their understanding of existence.

The Core Wound Mentorship offers another level of consciousness. 

It moves beyond the search to understand self, to understand how the self interfaces with Reality.

The accepted programs, beliefs, operating modes and understanding of healing and energy will be challenged. 

This mentorship is for the brave, determined souls ready to break free from the confines of the Core Wound reality, accessing Wholeness.

Top Four Benefits of Core Wound Work


Understand the matrix of wounded patterns you have lived all your life - so you can finally break out


Revolutionise the way you experience and process Core Wound pain and fear


Reclaim all the wasted energy you have invested in the Core Wound to be energetically self sufficient


Identify your Core Wound bonds with others and realign those relationships to reflect the new relationship with Self

What is the Core Wound?

  • The Core Wound is the deep energetic patterning of your existence. 
  • It has kept you in a state of separation and motivated you with fear and pain.
  • The Core Wound keeps your reality on repeat, locking you into the same experiences, relationships and emotions.


  • It is the lived experience of the limitation of duality.

  •  The purpose of this mentorship is to liberate you into energetic self- sufficiency and wholeness.

  •  Reality will never feel the same again.

Why it's time

  • You have been surviving with your Core Wound, defining so many aspects of your existence. 
  • The deep patterning of your Unloved, Unworthy or Unknown (unseen, unheard, confused state) wound creates perpetual separation.
  • The investment in continual doing and searching to find relief feels increasingly futile.
  • You know that you are a deeply intuitive, empathic soul with divine gifts but you are still experiencing deep doubt.
  • You desire a connected loving fulfilling relationship, yet consistently feel lonely and fearing abandonment or conversely intimacy.
  • You live in a state of confusion, wanting answers but always feeling like everything is so unknown and volatile.
  • You desperately want to be seen, heard and acknowledged for you are but there is rarely fulfilment.
  • You simply do not feel enough.


It's time... you are not here to live like this.


Introducing Allura Halliwell

Let's Chat To Learn More

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Single mum & Psychotherapist


I recently completed my 12 week mentorship programme with Allura and it’s been absolutely life-changing and much more fulfilling than any other coaching or self-development work I’ve ever done.

I would highly recommend this programme to anyone wanting to go much deeper into their core woundings and liberate themselves from wounded states that keep them stuck in their life.

I previously attended 3 retreats facilitated by Allura and found it hard to integrate the magical shifts once I got home and back into my single-mama-business owner full life.

The changes weren’t ‘sticking’ long term as my programming ran so deep with so many layers. Some weeks the work was so confronting, but I was ready for an epic shift in consciousness.

Allura was always so graceful and loving when holding space for me and always available for support in between our 1:1 calls. I completed this programme feeling more of ME, fully expressed and multi-dimensional. I no longer need to fracture and separate from myself every time I’m tested in this 3D reality. I can let things go and not constantly ‘swing’ in the duality.

There is so much spaciousness and expansiveness, joy and rest in the spaces I’ve now created to exist in. I feel more freedom and peace than I have ever known. I’m so grateful



The mentoring process with Allura has given me a much deeper connection to myself and other people.
The sessions with Allura and weekly meditations helped me to uncover distortion and misalignment in relationships while connecting more and more from my heart.
I can see clearly the ‘gift’ of the Pain portal that has supported me to move through the ‘stories’ to calm and clarity.
My journey from separation to wholeness has been accelerated in this divine process and I am now looking forward to the group Metamaphorsis course.
In absolute gratitude
Lou 🙏❤️




Doing the mentorship with Allura has had such a profound effect in my life, it’s not easy to put into words…

I attended the Heart Shift retreat with Allura and Gene last year and that weekend completely changed my life. I was so full of love and could finally receive love in its fullest expression.
When I returned to normal everyday life, I struggled with integrating my new awareness with my realty. There was still a lot of specific trauma and pain that needed to be acknowledged and released.

I signed up for the mentorship with Allura as I knew I needed more help, and from the very first phone call we began to work through all of my limiting beliefs, my wound patterns and loops, my subconscious programming, and generational trauma. It’s been such an incredible journey of truly learning about myself.

I have such a deeply loving and compassionate relationship with myself now. And I also see all of my immediate family members for who they really are. I appreciate them so much, and am so grateful for their presence in my life.

Allura is like the most loving and supportive mother / sister you could ever ask for. I’ll be forever grateful for her support and unwavering love throughout this journey. And for bringing me so much acceptance and contentment.

For anyone currently parenting who feels isolated, fearful, stressed, in pain, out of control, or even just u happy - I highly recommend completing a parenting mentorship with Allura.

My programming and generational trauma was so deeply ingrained, there is no way I could have healed it without her. It has also helped me to understand my own parents, and their parenting styles. Which has been so deeply healing in itself.

Allura gives you the space, the support, and the understanding that us parents (especially mums) need to be completely honest. And through true honesty and connection, we can start to understand our behaviour and emotions, and heal.

Our children are so precious, and they deserve all of the love, support, and safety that we can give them ❤️



Working with Allura in the mentorship program has been nothing short of enlightening, empowering and profound.
I have been working on my own personal development deeply, for over a decade and there has never been a person, professional, modality or experience that has been able to get to the depths of my blocks that wounds, programming, patterns and behaviour that have been holding me back like Allura has.
The experience hasn’t been easy. It’s been the most challenging few months but in the best and most freeing way. Allura has been with me the entire time. Beyond our weekly calls, she is on hand daily to give advice, reassurance and tools to utilise so that I can learn how to recognise and dissolve the patterns and behaviours that have kept me living from a place of fear and restraint for most of my life. 

The work we did continues to develop and every day I am feeling more confident, empowered and aligned to my soul.
Allures ability to hold space with such grace and devoted attention is felt throughout the program and has by far been the most valuable gift I have given myself.



How does one find the words to describe how grateful they are for someone entering their life?
I struggled for years with depression, social anxiety, over thinking, dysfunctional relationships, comparing myself to others, the list goes on. Underlying this was a core belief that I was unlovable and not enough.
Across 15 years I saw many conventional therapists and alternative healers but never saw any real results. Then I met Allura. As soon as we spoke I knew she really understood me and I felt called to join her mentorship program. I can safely say it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. Tears of happiness fill my eyes as I write this and reflect upon how grateful I am that our paths crossed.
Allura is a powerful mentor. She is deeply loving and understanding, whilst simultaneously direct and honest.
Allura was quickly able to pinpoint and help me rewrite some of my programs from childhood and adolescence that had had a huge influence on my existence. I experienced shifts in my ability to interact with friends and strangers, whereby my inner voice that constantly judged me became mostly silent.
I have also felt huge shifts in my ability to witness myself rather than react. Witnessing has allowed me the space to understand the source of my thoughts and actions, and then respond in different ways rather than continue to repeat dysfunctional patterns and behaviours.
The daily communication with Allura was incredibly supportive. To discuss my thoughts, pain and challenges in real time was invaluable. The weekly sessions were incredibly powerful. I spent hours taking notes from the recordings of these sessions to capture all the 'gold nuggets' that Allura provided. There was nothing that I brought to her that she wasn't able to enlighten my consciousness on.
The overall experience has completely changed my understanding of the human experience. It has enabled me to view so many things with fresh eyes - concepts like time, fear, self love, unconditional love and social norms.
Dearest Allura, from all versions of me and the depths of my heart, thank you for guiding me through the process of saving myself ♥️



Allura and the mentorship program has been one of the most profound experiences in my life. Just when I thought I couldn’t get any deeper into my own psyche, Allura has helped me shine a light on unconscious patterns and behaviours that I have been running all my life. Allura’s love and support throughout the program and beyond is complete and unconditional. She helped me to see that my pain was real but the stories behind the pain were the illusions that were actually keeping that pain in place and creating repetitive loops of behaviour that were oh-so-familiar.

Before I started working with Allura I was so invested in the external world and all the narratives being thrown at us. I was consumed. My life now is completely different. I have disengaged from the external forces and have gone deep within to find my inner voice and authentic being. It has liberated me to find peace in all that is here, now. I have healed so many wounds and past experiences have been transformed into precious journeys of my own and others’ evolution. After a lifetime of trying to be good enough and yet never quite measuring up no matter how much I knew, Allura has guided me back to myself, to the seat of my soul where I can rest, play, create and just be.

The magic of this process is that when you change perspectives when you transform your own experience, it cascades out into the world; into work, family and relationships. I cannot thank Allura enough for her love and support in my journey. There is not a person on the planet that wouldn’t benefit from doing the mentorship or even just having a conversation with her. So much love and gratitude for you, Allura. xx



When I committed to Allura's 12-week mentorship program, I wanted a shift in my life. I couldn't have articulated exactly why, just that I wanted a richer life experience. I trusted Allura to guide me through what was to come.
I came to understand the way I was stuck in looping patterns, trapped in thoughts that were really fears and illusions, and how to free myself from all those things and walk on feeling safe and steady. 
I came to realise the point of this program is obtaining energetic self-sufficiency: it's everything I didn't know I needed. 
I learned how to reclaim my energy back into my body from where I'd strewn it. It is an immediately empowering and practical exercise. Now that I find it easier to recognise when I'm not feeling as whole as I'd like, I begin by reclaiming my energy. 
I accepted that pain was the pathway to freedom. Rather than avoiding, masking or denying it, it was crucial to feel the pain and sit with it a while. This took the form of tears, anger, irritation, feeling under threat, feeling vulnerable. But learning how to face my pain is the most empowering thing I've done, and continue to do. Slamming the door on it doesn't make it go away. Opening the door to it, not being afraid of it, has led to profound shifts in the way I experience daily life. 
I loved the practical application of this program to every aspect of my life, and how it's enriched the one I have with myself, thereby enriching/shifting all my other relationships.
I had narrowed my life experience and shut myself away. From that place, I have grown to engaging in my life with vivacity, wholeness and appetite, with eagerness and appreciation. I feel safe to express myself, and have practical tools to ensure my daily life experience is just as peaceful and joyous as I like. 
I recommend Allura's loving support and guidance wholeheartedly. Her sincerity and own life experience make Allura a master at this work: she walks the talk. I also appreciate that Allura reminds me of the power I wield over my own life experience. Throughout and at the end of the program, I felt empowered and whole, and accepted the responsibility of being my own guru, the master of my own life experience. Carrying far fewer fears has also left me feeling light and buoyant, and I love that feeling. Thank you, Allura.



My experience working with Allura has been life-changing.

I have experienced the unloved wound my entire life with no knowledge of why, when or how it’s energetically impacting me.

She taught me to see and feel the pain in the reality I was creating for myself so I could be free from the the looping patterns that repeated over and over that would tear me apart.

I better understand now how my wound lives inside me and how I can dissolve it over time and not feed into it.

I have felt the growth after each session with Allura.

Sometimes days or weeks after the session, but at times it would be on the same day, allowing me to see the reality and the illusion of the situation so that I could make the positive changes to my life.

I have more tools in my tool kit that I can carry with me for life.

Thank you.




The core wound mentoring program with Allura transmuted me from the one who was living as a victim to her wound programs into the one who became conscious of them, transforming me from being blind to having eyes and seeing the path laid out before me leading to the beautiful world within me.

Allura invited me to understand and accept all aspects of myself, integrate my shadows and move towards realising my wholeness.

Before meeting Allura, for a very long time, I felt depleted - physically, mentally, and emotionally. Allura helped me learn about the magical concept of energetic self-sufficiency, so I could empower myself by reclaiming my energy. I would forever be grateful to Allura for her loving guidance, and for showing me the doors to higher consciousness which she helped me open.

I have confronted my fears and pain and accepted all of me, all parts of me which I would have previously labelled ‘unwanted’ or ‘bad’. While being lovingly guided by Allura, I am now moving towards a loving connection with self – a concept which was unfamiliar and confusing is now starting to make sense.

Thank you Allura!




I had the honour of working with Allura in her private mentorship container over the last few months. I came across her Instagram and my whole body screamed yes! I took the dive and my entire reality has since shifted.

Throughout the process, Allura held a safe, firm, and loving space as I explored the depths of my wound conditioning and my fear-based patterns. She taught me the concept of energetic sovereignty, which has profoundly shifted the way I perceive my relationship with my 3D reality.

My relationships with my career, family, friends, and romantic partner has shifted because of the work I have done with Allura holding my hand every step of the way. My life and all the moving pieces that were unclear prior have genuinely shifted into alignment.

Thank you, Allura for holding space to allow me to explore the depths of my pain, for teaching me a whole new framework to process life, for reminding me to stay present with the experience no matter how uncomfortable it may feel in the moment.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and love with me.



I want to take a big moment to honour my spirital mentor Allura Halliwell, who without her whole and loving guidence (not always what I want to hear BTW), is stretching my nervous system beyond my comfort zone. She is pulling me up on my own bullshit, that I've prgrammed as my truth across decades of my life. She is witnessing every part of me with loving and honouring acceptance. I've never felt a container of such safety before and it's within this container that I can start to de-armour the parts of me that do not serve my highest good.

Thank you can never be enough.

Danielle Keller


I’ve worked with a lot of mentors, Allura can only be described as a game changer for me.

She approaches things differently to most, getting to the true core of habits and beliefs - creating REAL and long lasting change.
The work she does rips you open, in order to create DEEP change. She gives you the tools to create change for yourself, rather than needing others to help with this, mentoring you gently the whole way through.
She has challenged me like no other and gifted me results like no other. She has opened my eyes to viewing situations in a completely new light. Always focusing on me and how I show up vs anything external.
I continue to invest in her as a mentor, as I love who I am becoming having worked with her.
The investment is worth every cent.
My husband says that she is the first coach he’s seen results on the outside - through my behaviour & presence vs the internal changes I’ve described with other mentors that have not been as visible to him.
I am so thankful that I said yes to working with her. And so thankful for the way she has challenged me and held me whilst doing so. I am so grateful for all she has gifted me 🙏🏻💓


Kylie Collins:

I recently finished the 12 week mentorship with Allura, and I cannot express how blown away I am by the shifts I have experienced. 

I have been on a journey of self-discovery and healing for some years now, and have approached this with an open-mind by utilising holistic practices including psychology and energy work. 

Whilst all the modalities have assisted me, the wound work Allura has guided me through has really cracked through energetic blocks I just couldn’t seem to move. 

Allura is a wealth of knowledge in this space, and she has assisted me more than words can explain. Allura is the sort of soul you can be completely raw and real with – I never felt any barriers to being open and honest with her.  

This has in turn supported me to start being more open and honest and RAW in my personal life. Allura held me accountable when necessary, in a loving way – which we all need from time to time!! 

There were many aspects to the wound work that helped me - the main learning that stood out to me was learning that pain should be fully embraced, as it really does result in growth. For so many years, I had put on a "brave" face – feeling guilty for having a human experience and feeling sadness, despair, anger, frustration. Those emotions would generally be bottled up and never fully ‘’felt’’. I now embrace ALL the feels because that is what the human experience is all about. 

I have stopped giving less of a shit about the things that don’t matter to me, and expressing myself more with the things that do. I am honouring my truth in an aligned way, and I am excited about what more of this work will bring to my life. 

If you’re tossing up whether to work with Allura, then stop tossing – it is 100% worth the time, money and effort.  

Allura is a legend and has so much to give.


Kylie Cole-Hamilton


Mentorship calls with Allura are nothing short of magical! She creates such a safe and trusted space, and guides me with soothing ease towards the depths of my fears, limiting beliefs and true self. Every session is so masterful yet authentic, and she really listens and hears exactly what I’m saying (& secretly I think she FEELS exactly what I do on some level on some plane in some dimension too). Within literally minutes she helps me uncover thoughts and feelings that were just out of my grasp, and helps me truly feel into them, grab hold of them and change their shape and remove their power. It is an incredibly quick and tangible turnaround that always amazes me and leaves me feeling higher. I was also grateful to have a joint session with my partner to help move through some common grief. Here’s where the true level of magic lay - Allura quickly observed a truly poignant deep truth that left us both in tears of complete relief, understanding and a deep glow of love for ourselves and each other. Something no counsellor could ever get close to, Allura worked through in minutes!I am forever grateful for the truths Allura has helped me uncover and the dramatic change it has had within me. If you are not yet feeling completely whole, and are prepared to be honest with yourself and with Allura, your life will be forever changed by her mentorship program and absolute bliss can be yours! 

Sara McDonald 


I initially started my journey with Allura following a major event in my life with my separation. I had done a couple of sessions with her previously and knew that Allura gets to the heart of the problem. 
We spoke about where I was at and I knew I needed real growth, real transformation because I was stuck in cycle of fear, shame, guilt, powerlessness and unworthiness, all simmering under the surface yet directing the trajectory of my life.
I started on the mentorship program and decided that I needed to really go deep and address who I really was in my core.
Being able to chat with Allura everyday was amazing. As things come up I was able to talk through feelings and process them rather than stay stuck in my previous wound patterns of expression.
The change in my life was huge for me. As my inner life started to shift, my outer reality became more chaotic as my wounds tried to hook into their previous realities. 
Over time, I was sensing a peace inside myself even when the outer reality was chaotic. I was becoming more comfortable in this unknown space where I could begin to access my inner identity and talk to feelings as they came up rather than be afraid of them. I learned to value the shame and judgement in side of me as loving parts of myself trying to simply protect me.
One of the greatest things I achieved was being able to release the hook of previous experiences which had kept me in a cycle of judgement. 
By the end of my program, I was starting to feel like the real me again and I wasn’t afraid to be real with others and be authentic in who I was. I could send love to those who hurt me because I felt I was seeing them at a soul level.
It’s a scary path when you take ownership of your life because you need to face the parts of you that you haven’t wanted to face for a long time. However I cannot recommend it enough. I’m still on this journey and I’m still evolving everyday but I feel Allura helped me to gain the inner skills to process challenging emotions and to connect with my soul at the deepest level.
I learned to love myself again.
So much admiration for what Allura is doing in this space. 

Kirsten Castorina


I discovered Allura and her innovative Core Wound work through the May retreat up on the Central Coast, instinctively I knew I was in the right place, I felt fully supported, seen, loved and heard.

I loved the work Allura was doing, and after the retreat, I decided to commit myself fully to the 12-week Mentorship Core Wound program. It was confronting, difficult and painful work for me, however, Allura fully supported me with the content, meditations and my many questions about the work via text message.

I recently completed the 12-week Core wound mentorship program and I found the experience so powerful, it is hard for me to articulate how profoundly life-changing it was for me. I have had some major shifts, particularly in my relationships with family members.

For the first time, I have managed to really sit with my perfectly imperfect self and am beginning to gain a deeper acceptance of myself and others. I now have the ability to observe my behaviours and sit with my uncomfortable feelings, as excruciating as that can be!

I learned to be more in the present moment with my thoughts and actions, which has significantly improved my relationships with others. I decided to sign up again for another 12 weeks with Allura (as I still have some more work to do and want to keep working on breaking my patterns and continue the momentum I’ve achieved) I am so pleased with the results; others have noticed changes in me too especially that I’m much more calm and relaxed which is great to hear.

My 21-year-old daughter also recently started Allura’s 12-week Core Wound Mentorship program with Allura, I am so happy that she is able to take advantage of this work at such a young age and finally break the cycle of the core wound patterns within our family.

This Core Wound Work is not for the faint-hearted; I believe I was ‘called’ to do this work; if you are fully committed and ready to bare your soul, trust the process; Allura will help guide and support you through the process. I assure you you will not be disappointed; you will liberate yourself into energetic self-sufficiency and wholeness! 

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So much has aligned to bring you to this moment and I honour you for taking the step to liberate from your Core Wound.

I look forward to connecting with you and sharing in your journey.

- Allura

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