Allura Anaharta Halliwell


Wholehearted Commitment to Humanity



Allura's mission is to support all beings to experience Wholeness


Reality Architecture

A unique blend of consciousness raising and quantum reality realignment

Quantum Meditation

Using the Quantum field to powerful create real time change

Core Wound Healing

Accessing the patterns of the wound to reinvent your relationship with reality

Frequency Downloads

Pure expression of the unified field of all potentials

Emotional Liberation Processing

Releasing patterns that hold us in emotional addiction patterns

Quantum Childhood Healing

Moving through space time to rewire unconscious beliefs

Nervous System Rewiring

Updating our relationship to fear

Limiting Beliefs Dissolution

Dissolving all that no longer serves

Timeline Creation

Using frequencies to move between timelines

Voidal Mediation Practice

Being the nothingness to access the all


Working with Allura takes on a multidimensional form. Through all her offerings you are able to access unconditional love, wholeness and creation powers from within you. Allura honours and supports your sovereignty in the space you share and focus is on you experiencing energetic self sufficiency and from there, stepping into the full creation powers you have within you.

  • Quantum Meditation Journey: A weekly live meditation to remind you of your divine nature
  • Core Wound Mentorship: A one-on-one deep dive into the mechanism of the Wound as your access point to Wholeness
  • Dismantling Reality: A group program that makes you the Architect of your own reality
  • Divine Alignment Retreat: Finding a real time alignment to the truth of your being
  • The Mystic Within Podcast: Download the frequencies of Awakening


Allura works from a place of multidimensionality, dissolving time, space, energetic patterns and limitations to access the internal completion you are seeking.

In Wholeness