This container is for....

Those of you who have gone through the journey of the Mentorship and are now looking for a different kind of nurture.

It’s for those who love the weekly shift in consciousness that comes from sharing space and exploring your personal reality.

It’s a space for energetic, emotional and consciousness support.

It’s a space to be challenged and to explore what may be hidden in the unconscious spaces.

It’s a space to be seen, heard, understood and loved for who you are.

Joining the Consciousness Rising Collective reflects that the evolution of your soul is your greatest focus.

We will be activating and cultivating the states of:











The Void

What's included: 

  • A weekly recorded call, where everyone will be invited to contribute and hold space for each other
  • Access to ALL Allura’s meditations. This means the Mentorship, Rewire, Restructure and Metamorphis playlists are yours to explore.
  • A weekly theme to investigate in reality, this may be a value, a concept or idea
  • A chat space where you are invited to seek support, share the challenges and celebrate the flow of your precious life
  • Each month you are invited to book in for a half hour Evolution Boost Call with Allura. This is your time to go deep and get the next piece.

Key Dates & Investment

Calls will be held every Wednesday evening at 8pm AEDT commencing March 6th for 8 weeks.


$600 per month for 2 months 
$150 per week for 8 weeks


Introducing Allura Halliwell...

Allura has a multidimensional approach to bringing you all the support you need for your inner journey.

She has mastered the art of transformational healing after a radical out of body experience, and now uses her own process to heal deep core wounds, lead Quantum Journeys and re-design the architecture of reality, all with deep empathetic connection.

She has a post graduate degree in psychology, is an Advanced Quantum Meditation teacher, Psych K facilitator to shift limiting beliefs, Non-violent Communication Specialist and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Practitioner.

Allura runs powerful online group programs, leads heart-centred retreats, and has her own podcast called “The Mystic Within”. She specializes in rewiring the energetic patterning of your core wound of unloved, unworthy and unknown so you can live a life of energetic sovereignty.

She is a potent conduit between the human and the divine for all she meets.

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