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Book a 1 on 1 Consciousness Expansion Call





Allura is dedicated to the evolution of humanity through making the unconscious patterns of the core wounding visible and then completely restructuring them.

Her life changing modality The Consciousness Method is a thorough and powerful path to change your relationship to reality.

Her work is for the high level spiritual seeker, coaches, mentors and aware individual.

Her mission is for all beings to live in wholeness and authenticity as the full expression of their purpose and aligned to their truth.

“My mastery and purpose is as a conduit to your own expanded consciousness and evolutionary path.”



Fulfilling Relationships and Connection to Self


Completion in Purpose and Impact


Authentic Expression and Inner Safety


Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth

Watch my Free Masterclasses, where we explore reclaiming sacred energy, rewiring limited programs, freeing from emotional addictions, mastering your physical existence, and becoming the creator of your reality.

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The Consciousness Mentorship offers another level of consciousness. It moves beyond the search to understand self, to understand how the self interfaces with Reality.

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A 12 week deep dive will completely restructure how you approach your parenting and your relationship with yourself. Design the relationship you desire and reprogramming the parts that are not in alignment

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From singles to couples to anyone looking to improve their relationship with themselves - this program is designed to give you the tools and consciousness to Rewire the relationship paradigm and create a new reality.

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A Comprehensive Multidimensional System to:

Evolve you

Liberate you from all limitations and illusions

Reclaim you

Develop your relationship with your energy, pain and fear

Understand you

Understand yourself and your relationship with reality

Connect you

Awaken you to the truth and connection to consciousness and life


Connect with Allura to Explore


Experience the Evolving Consciousness Experience Live.

You will gain a deeper understanding of your human experience, move through stuck pain and fear and use quantum meditation to change the trajectory of your life.

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Discover more about Allura's Mission and Work

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Discover the Transformative Experiences of my Valued Past Participants

I’ve worked with a lot of mentors, Allura can only be described as a game changer for me. She approaches things differently to most, getting to the true core of habits and beliefs - creating REAL and long lasting change. The work she does rips you open, in order to create DEEP change. She gives you the tools to create change for yourself, rather than needing others to help with this, mentoring you gently the whole way through. I continue to invest in her as a mentor, as I love who I am becoming having worked with her


Danielle Keller

Whilst all the modalities have assisted me, the wound work Allura has guided me through has really cracked through energetic blocks I just couldn’t seem to move. Allura is a wealth of knowledge in this space, and she has assisted me more than words can explain. Allura is the sort of soul you can be completely raw and real with – I never felt any barriers to being open and honest with her…. If you’re tossing up whether to work with Allura, then stop tossing – it is 100% worth the time, money and effort.


Kylie Collins

I recommend Allura's loving support and guidance wholeheartedly. Her sincerity and own life experience make Allura a master at this work: she walks the talk. I also appreciate that Allura reminds me of the power I wield over my own life experience. Throughout and at the end of the program, I felt empowered and whole, and accepted the responsibility of being my own guru, the master of my own life experience. Carrying far fewer fears has also left me feeling light and buoyant, and I love that feeling. Thank you, Allura.



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Shifting Core Wound Meditations

Unlock the healing power within you by exploring these FREE meditations specifically crafted to address the wounds of feeling Unloved, Unworthy, and Unknown.


Allura’s mission is to support all beings to experience Wholeness.

She is wholeheartedly committed to the Evolution of Humanity.

Allura’s modality ‘The Consciousness Method’ systematically supports those on the path to true inner connection and creation.

She has developed expertise for personal change in the following areas:

  • Rewiring relationships via inner work
  • Identifying and releasing the loops of Reality
  • Healing the Core Wounds of feeling Unloved, Unworthy and Unknown
  • Accessing higher states of Consciousness
  • Decoding the trap of Illusions
  • Shifting Timelines
    Coming into a State of Wholeness
  • Pain as a Portal for true change
  • How to overcome fear
  • Using internal energetics to create external change