Allura Halliwell Presents:

Dying to Self Masterclass


"The opportunity to die while still alive is the greatest gift for all of humanity"

It shifts all aspects of you permanently and irrevocably.

It moves you from the material and mundane to the mystical and the momentous.

Life starts to move through you and your access to your understanding of yourself and your human experience shifts dramatically.

Mastering the art of ‘Dying to Self’ will give you the gift of life.

What will the Masterclass Include?

This advanced masterclass is an opportunity to understand how developing a relationship with death is one of the greatest tools for living a liberated and authentic life.

This ‘death’ will be explained and explored on multiple levels; psychologically, emotionally, physically and spirtually.

Why you don’t want to miss the live experience…

When we uncover the patterns of reality we have a greater level of access and understanding to the whole truth of this experience.

When we understand what death is and its role in our experience on a macro level we can apply that to a micro level.

This process moves us through any pain and fear and into a conscious relationship to life.


Via an interactive live experience Allura will share on the following topics and then invite questions and reflections:

  • What the program of death is
  • How it affects humanity on a subconscious level
  • What my near death experience showed me
  • What happens if we consciously die
  • How to ‘die to self’ in our inner work
  • How to process the fear around death
  • What is the true energetic experience of dying
  • What to do in the ‘in-between’ of death and rebirth
  • What happens when we develop a new relationship to death
  • How to step through the rebirth to be in the true design of our evolution.


Allura experienced her own Near Death Experience (or NDE) five years ago.

This experience gave her radical access to being able to see the design of reality. She understands the constructs of programs, illusions, nervous system responses and core woundings that keep humanity stuck in loops of existence.

Through her radical self-exploration she created her powerful, life changing modality; The Consciousness Method. It steps willing beings through the process of awakening to a higher truth, anchoring in their energetic sovereignty and wholeness.

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