Reality Creation Collective

Journey Begins June 2023
Weekly sessions will be held on a set time and date to be chosen by the group.

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This is a transmission where you realise you hold the deep universal truths to guide your reality. You will be supported to experience and activate your experience of Wholeness.

You will witness yourself as the creation and the creator and realise the infinite potential in every moment.
This is a space where you can unfold your wings and truly fly.

Each week is carefully crafted for momentum and alignment towards an inner and outer expression of your unique ray of consciousness.

It’s about closing the separation from who you think you are ‘becoming’ to really experience the beauty and light of who you are.


Weekly group call 1.5 hours

This space will contain a transmission of the nature of creation relevant to this weeks exploration in the form of a meditation or talk by Allura
Next we will dive into the task and reflections of the week, strengthening our collective and inner purpose

Weekly Content and Explorations

The weekly information will invite you to challenge, question, explore and expand your concept of yourself and reality.
This will be a dance between expansion and integration. Spreading your wings and cocooning for internal connection and knowing.

Frequency Meditations

There are 10 new frequency meditations that will be supporting this journey. They all align to an experience of inner wholeness and hold evolutionary codes to support you delve deeper within.

Group Messaging

The power of the group to elevate consciousness is something we have all experienced at retreat. This group will be a cradling container of non-judgement and unconditional love to support you in this experience.

Individual Messaging

To support your individual journey Allura would like you to message her as often as needed for one on one consciousness raising. This is an invaluable part of scaffolding your consciousness to the most authentic states of unconditional love, acceptance, freedom and harmony.

Two Half Hour 1:1 Sessions

To complement the group process you are invited to book in two half hour calls at any time that suits you. These can provide the Quantum leap in awareness and support you may need to step into the next piece of your reality design.


Some of the themes for the content will include the below and more:

  • Wholeness Coding
  • Accessing and working with Cosmic Human Design
  • Internal Freedom and Completion
  • Experience
    Understanding and Implementing Inspired Action
  • Cultivating Quantum leaps in Timelines
    Designing and Expressing your unique consciousness
  • Relationship with 3 Dimensional aspects of creation (money, social media, societal concepts)
  • Beyond Attachment to Outcome to Surrender to Presence
  • Understanding the Organic Human Blueprint and how that underpins Creation
  • Creating by Thought Alone
  • Permission to Receive and the Gift of Surrender
  • Working with Universal Creation Material


Payment is either weekly or monthly and must be made before the 6th of April.
Content for the experience will open on this date.

Two options

  • 2 x Monthly Payments of $620
  • 8 x Weekly Payments of $155
JOIN NOW - 8 Weekly Payments x $155
JOIN NOW - 2 Monthly Payments x $620