10 - 13 November 2023



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You Are Invited...  

To Delve Deeper...

To delve deeper into your true potential, to release any limitations, to come home to your inner knowing. To remember you are the nexus point of human and divine

Soul Path..

We know you are so committed to pursuing your soul path, you are becoming your purpose, you are embodying light…

We honour you and this space is here to allow you the gift of The Heart Shift.

The Becoming...

The physical, emotional and spiritual space to be in the juiciness of existence and to allow the pulse of life to flow with a stronger momentum through you.

To move out of the forcing, efforting and processing into the State of Being.

The Exhale...

This exploration is your exhale… to feel held and supported to express as untamed and liberated so that you have no choice but to show up, awake in your dreams. 

Exhale, let go, surrender, submerge, release into life…



A four day and three night immersion to delve deeper into your true potential to release any limitations, to come home to your inner knowing. To remember you are the nexus point of human and divine.

  • Four days and Three nights at King Parrot Retreat Lorne, Victoria
  • All delicious whole foods and snacks for your stay
  • Extensive Quantum Meditation Guidance and Journeying
  • Dimensional Breath Work 
  • Core Wounding Exploration
  • Mushroom Journey
  • Pineal Gland Activation 
  • Kundalini Activation
  • Ice Bath Initiation
  • Quantum Manifestation Experience
  • Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony
  • Four Powerful recorded Quantum Meditation Processes to Prepare 
  • Pre-Retreat One on One 30 minute Connection Call with Allura
  • Post Retreat 4x Online Integration Sessions 
  • Online Membership Portal for Ongoing Group Connection and access to materials and guidance

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Set on the North facing edge of Penny Royal valley, on the edge of a rainforest, complete with it’s own private waterfall and camp ground is the King Parrot Retreat Centre. This architecturally designed space will comfortably and warmly hold you to sleep, eat, meditate and celebrate through the entire weekend. 

The beds are all set up in individual or shared rooms with fresh bedding and doonas. The large dining area and kitchen will serve you fresh, yummy meals. The hall is a huge light filled space where we will gather and experience all the processes, movement experiences, dance parties and knowledge.

The camp ground at the base of the forest floor will provide the backdrop for powerful, organic, nature driven processes. There is a salt water pool, small indoor gym and plenty of bushwalking to support your natural embodiment. We will explore the sacred connection between our inner being and the outer natural world, coming into a symbiotic relationship with self and the land.


The Divine Alignment Retreat offered a very powerful and transformative container in which to unpack and feel some core wounds and ultimately transform and integrate them into wholeness. After doing similar work when called over the years with some amazing mentors I can honestly say that Allura is one of the most on point facilitators to move you into an authentic place of self reflection and healing. I have told her that I think that she has somehow downloaded the whole universe and is now able to cleverly speak to the holographic patterns and fractal nature of human interaction in the most profound and compelling way. Her facilitation enabled so many concepts I understood at the level of my mind to land into my being to be fully felt, realised and integrated, I am so grateful for these shifts that have been so evident in my earth walk experiences since returning from the retreat"


What is it like to retreat? 


Retreat Experiences 

Your Guides

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Heart-Opening Sessions

Transformational Breath Work


You will discover that by modulating the breath we can journey into the unknown, breakthrough and rebuild, creating a whole new physiological response that creates a whole new way of being, beginning with better health.

And with that comes focus, strength, compassion, resilience, creativity and the ability to realize our highest potential.

Core Wound

Energy Shift


When we are not conscious it is easy to invest our energetics in external wound patterns of unloved, unworthy or unknown that perpetuate our sense of separation, lack, isolation or failure.

Allura will guide you to understand this expression and support you to
energetically reclaim your energy so you do not have to keep experiencing the same loops in reality and limitations.

Pain as Portal to Liberation


As a species, we have been conditioned to avoid pain. We have been told to heal it, suppress it, distract from it, ignore it... Yet this point of your deepest pain is holding your greatest liberation.

Allura will gift you with the profound awareness of how to pass through pain to release huge energetic potential.


Quantum Meditation


Allura will guide you into the potent, omnipotent Quantum field through an initiation of consciousness. 

This access to the material that holds all timelines, all potentials and all frequencies will support your own exploration of the Quantum realm.

Sacred Taste Cacao Ceremony


Sitting in sacred cacao ceremony is a bridge to other realms. The experience will support a subtle state of transcendence, aligning us with the highest frequency of love from our heart space, facilitating a deeper connection our inner self, each other and the planet.

Mushroom Ceremony


This experience led by Gene Kelly will create profound internal shifts, a sense of deep empowerment and expansion of consciousness.

The medicinal mushroom of choice to support our journey is called hericium erinaceus, better known as Lion’s Mane.

Lion's Mane has been a staple in traditional Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years. Buddhist monks were said to have used Lion’s Mane to enhance brain power and heighten their focus during meditation.

Lion's Mane is clinically proven to generate new brain & nerve cells by stimulating the expression of a protein called "nerve-growth factor." This makes this mushroom critical to lasting transformation, by aiding the development of new neural pathways that underpin new ways of thinking, feeling and acting in the world.

Activating The Pineal Gland


The process of remembering your purpose involves activating the pineal gland.

This essential body technology, aids in the evolution of consciousness, accessing the unified field and bringing instantaneous biological and consciousness upgrade.
You will remember your integral role in the galactic design.

You will experience thoughts and imagery that are beyond your known library of knowledge and these hold keys to unlock greater levels of energy, greater levels of knowing, greater well-being and a sense of bliss with all that is.

Kundalini Activation and Release


Kundalini is the ultimate life force. Creative power, divine feminine energy. Put simply, it is our “inner fire”. So simple, and yet so abstract.
Once activated, this energy is felt like liquid fire: electric, timeless, omnipresent.

When we activate this energy it flows within us, the heat of the energy flows through the being activating and realigning the subtle body all the way to the crown of the head. The result is an expanded state of consciousness.

Ice Bath Initiation


Modern science has demonstrated that routine cold exposure offers a host of benefits for inflammation, hormonal function, sports performance and recovery, blood sugar, depression, anxiety, immune function, cognitive function and emotional stability.

Upon entering the cold, a cascade of hormonal reactions occur that allow the body to contend with extreme temperatures. The release of these neurotransmitters improve intra-body communication, allowing the body to manage stress and maintain a state of homeostasis even with the ice pushing you to the edge.
The cold literally centers you.

The experience will reveal that you are stronger than the influence of your external environment and have you walk away with a sense of personal empowerment as you reintegrate into the world reborn.

Masculine and Feminine Inner Alchemy


We live in a holographic universe so it's vital to understand that the inner experience will create the template for the outer experience.

That is why it is critical to do the inner masculine and feminine alchemy work.
Understanding your internal relationship to your masculine and feminine helps you understand all relationships with more clarity but especially the ones that feel painful or challenging.

Bringing inner harmonisation to this space translates to greater emotional freedom, less triggers and greater heart connection.

Core Retreat Elements


This is an emotionally and physically supported space to come into the fullest expression of self. Developing and strengthening your understanding of the mechanisms of self-healing through multidimensional quantum journeys and powerful body work.

The Body

Allowing the energetic release and cellular reconfiguration through healing processes will reinvigorate your whole body. Learning to connect through your breath and body through physical alignment and integration with kundalini activations, ecstatic dance, ice immersion and breath work all will deeply re-connect your body.

The Being

Being fully seen, heard and acknowledge for who you are allows you to remember you’re Being. The Space to express and connect with the unseen layers. A group of divine, heart centred, fellow spiritual seekers will be there to connect with the essence of you.

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Retreat Schedule

Day One: Arrival


This experience is designed to crack open the spaces within you that are holding onto the trauma, limiting beliefs, addictions to stress, reactivity and pain. All these unconscious patterns are informing the holographic creation of your reality. It’s now essential that we illuminate them fully and blow open the pattern of containment. This is the true work of liberation, the quickening of your evolutionary potential, the awakening of your Heart.


Day Two: Altered States


When we move beyond the programmed matrix we can immerse ourselves in a multidimensional, quantum reality that holds limitless potential, timelines and frequencies. This luminous, light filled expansion of consciousness takes us on a journey into a timeless, formless space where we can experience a quantum leap in our consciousness. We then truly embody our human ‘Creatorship’ charged by our Quantum Heart.

Day Three: Rites of Passage


This is the access point between the possible and impossible, seen and unseen, the potential and the realisation. We solidly anchor this new level of light into your reality. To do so demands a rite of passage of self that defies the clinging to anything that no longer serves or is not fully aligned. This is the opportunity to initiate the inner experience into an external creation, fuelling it will all the knowing and mastery of self you have realised.

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