11 Minute

Quantum Meditation Membership

This meditation practice moves you into a timeless state of all potential and connects you to soul family.

The Monthly Membership Journey involves:


A weekly live 11 minute Meditation with Q & A and support

A self paced mini course to understand the Quantum Meditation Process

A library of frequency designed Quantum Meditations

A supportive community committed to mystical, evolutionary and awakening experiences

A live monthly extended meditation for deeper practice

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Why 11 minutes?

11 minutes is all you need for your multidimensional consciousness to remember it truly without the limitations of time, space, identity and reality.

Creating this powerful space in your life signals to the universe that you are honouring your innate wisdom and inviting a dynamic new reality.

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Each week we meet live as a collective for a 11 Minute Meditation experience online at 9:30am THURSDAY AEST.

This weekly meditation experience is led by Allura Halliwell, Quantum Meditation teacher.

After the powerful 11 minute session you have an opportunity to share your experience and to seek guidance about deepening your meditation experience in a live Q and A session.

Meeting as one coherent group of meditators super chargers the Quantum field and supports you to have more powerful and transformational experiences.

Then what?

You will have access to a library of supercharged Quantum Meditations that will support you to commit to a daily 11 minute practice.

A new meditation will be offered each week for you to explore.

These meditations are coded with frequency patterns via the design of the music, language and consciousness embedded within.

When you focus on them daily they shift realities, patterns, timelines and frequencies.

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The awakening we are experiencing as a collective is supporting us to explore our multidimensional human technology. 

It encourages us to peel back the layers of dysfunction, limitation and wounding to discover our innate gifts of healing, creating realities and expanding consciousness.

Quantum Meditation creates a level of coherence in your energetic, astral, emotional and physical body by aligning to potentials and frequencies.


You see the Quantum works most powerfully when you place your attention on the aspects you would like to magnify, you become the conscious creator of your experience.

When you consistently align your energy and consciousness to this experience internally, the externally reality can only mirror and align to the changes within.

Quantum Meditation bridges the gap between your human experience  and divine knowing by creating a deeper awareness of the whole of you.

Who is this for?

This is for you, and every human on the planet.

You don’t need any past meditation experience, you only need a desire to experience the truth of this reality and to remember who you are.


"Love was pouring through me, as tears streamed down my face, it was just pure love.”

“It’s a blessing to have these meditations but also to feel like I am part of a wider community.”

“The amount I was able to process in a meditation session felt like two years of therapy.”

“The unbelievable state of love I was gifted was beyond powerful.”

“The meditation made me realise I don’t need anything, I am whole.”

“Ahh amazing, like a watering to my soul. You are incredible!”

“I felt my cells repatterning into beautiful geometric shapes.”

“The Quantum meditations have been so helpful and supportive, I was feeling overwhelmed and they brought me right back to my centre.”

“I feel this meditation practice brings me home to myself.”

Committing to Your inner evolution is the greatest service to humanity

This journey into your creation potential is one of the most important you can make to support the evolution of the planet. When each of us is entered in our innate, source connection then we can move in the world in purposeful, loving ways. My greatest intention is to create a space to remember your own power, wisdom and liberation. 


Take a Quantum Leap.

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