Take your journey to the next level with the RESTUCTURE

This experience is for those who loved the Rewire but want to take their journey to the next level with a full RESTRUCTURE.

This is the deep dive into the Internal Restructure that will result in the embodiment and actualisation of a new level of consciousness and interaction with yourself, reality and all your Relationships.

Uncover how to understand and anchor into self resourcing in a deeper more conscious way. Allowing you to create the foundation of the new level of expression.

Then, working with Energy, you will learn how to reclaim your most precious energetic commodity so you no longer need to energise the structures of separation in your external reality.

This will include communication and engagement awareness that will shift your identity and design.


Why Restructure......

Now you have completed the Rewire you will have a greater understanding of the consciousness of separation you have been existing in.

The Restructure is the next piece in the journey where you now find the access back into a state of harmony, wholeness and hope for yourself and the relationships you want to cultivate.

This next level builds on the emotional and energetic and engagement resources in the body to support you to engage with Reality and others from a new connection. 


Content Overview...

Week One

Week One is about Resourcing yourself.

It’s about using the access points of pain to find the internal completion and support structure that will radically reconfigure how you experience all relationships.

This resourcing is emotional, somatic and explorative. You will find a vast reservoir of inner support and potential.

Week Two

Week Two is about Energetic Reclamation.

It’s about witnessing your energetic flow into the wound bonds and reversing it and reclaiming it.

This revolutionary practice is at the heart of Allura’s work and it changes the eons of energetic separation into energetic sovereignty.

Week Three

Week Three is about Stretching the Nervous system to new levels of relating.

This is where we practically work with strategies of communication, engagement, repetitive addictive emotional patterns and suppression.

Week Four

Week Four is about understanding the Relationship between separation and wholeness, the fracture and the reconnection.

It’s a deeper exploration of the design of reality that clarifies and expands on the pathway home. 

Final Call 

The Final call is about reflecting on the journey and receiving further clarification of how to continue to express your Wholeness in Relationship.

Program Delivery...

This powerful four week program will offer you the tools and consciousness to liberate this within yourself and redesign the relationships around you.

The content will be delivered online with journal activities and challenges.

Every week of the program you will also receive a new, powerful Quantum meditation for shifting your unconscious mind and design.
You will also meet with Allura as a small group to explore these topics and receive individual support.

This session will be held at the same time each week and will be recorded for you to re-listen to.

There is also a group chat on WhatsApp where you will be encouraged to share your journey and ask questions of Allura.

The Restructure is where we Recalibrate and Reconfigure the inner awareness into an outer expression.


The Design...

Consciousness expanding group call, with personal interaction and support

Group Messaging for clarification and deeper connections

Quantum Meditations that anchor and shift consciousness

Unique content that shifts view of Reality and Self

Join The Restructure 

Thursday 22nd February 2024
7pm AEDT
10am GMT


$175 per week x 4 weeks

Pay in full or via weekly payments


Unable to make these session times?

If you are unable to attend one of the group session times, we would love the opportunity to discuss how we can tailor the program to work for you and your availability.

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Introducing Allura Halliwell...

Allura has a multidimensional approach to bringing you all the support you need for your inner journey.

She has mastered the art of transformational healing after a radical out of body experience, and now uses her own process to heal deep core wounds, lead Quantum Journeys and re-design the architecture of reality, all with deep empathetic connection.

She has a post graduate degree in psychology, is an Advanced Quantum Meditation teacher, Psych K facilitator to shift limiting beliefs, Non-violent Communication Specialist and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Practitioner.

Allura runs powerful online group programs, leads heart-centred retreats, and has her own podcast called “The Mystic Within”. She specializes in rewiring the energetic patterning of your core wound of unloved, unworthy and unknown so you can live a life of energetic sovereignty.

She is a potent conduit between the human and the divine for all she meets.