Allura Halliwell Presents:

It's up to You to Stop 


Are you stuck in relationships that seem to cycle through the same conflicts, disconnections, and frustrations?

Do you feel weighed down by blame, guilt, or misalignment with those around you?

It's time to take control and change the way you participate in these dynamics.

Watch this Free Masterclass and learn how to transform your relationships for the better!

This understanding of relationships and your role in them will blow you away!

You will learn:

  • Why you get sucked into the same relationship patterns
  • What your addiction is
    Why you feel so much fear changing these difficult relationships
  • Why you need to know all about Holographic Identity Commitment
  • The difference between conscious release and cancel culture
  • Why you might need support through the process


Allura experienced her own Near Death Experience (or NDE) five years ago.

This experience gave her radical access to being able to see the design of reality. She understands the constructs of programs, illusions, nervous system responses and core woundings that keep humanity stuck in loops of existence.

Through her radical self-exploration she created her powerful, life changing modality; The Consciousness Method. It steps willing beings through the process of awakening to a higher truth, anchoring in their energetic sovereignty and wholeness.

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