Allura Halliwell Presents:



Every human on the planet is contending with a Core Wound.

This Core Wound is the feeling of being Unworthy (not enough), Unloved (not connected) or Unknown (not sure).

This feeling pervades our entire experience; it informs our choices, our relationships and our work environments.

Sometimes, it’s subtle, but other times, it’s like a sledgehammer and keeps opening us up to the pain and fear of it never being ok.

The Discovering Your Core Wound Masterclass is your opportunity to understand these wounds and how they are impacting your life.

Lasting change comes from a change in consciousness, not a change in behaviour.

The masterclass will give you a powerful way to reframe this experience and begin to use the understanding of these spaces to bring you into a state of peace and confidence.


What will the Masterclass Include?

  • An exploration of what the Core Wounds are and where they originated
    When you understand how the core wounds design reality and that every human has them it lessens the pain of them. You begin to realise you are not alone in life and there is a way through.

  • A way to understand which Core Wound you have.
    When you can consciously see the pattern of your core wound and how it designs your perception, your energy and your interactions you have the ability to then change.

  • What to do about them and how to break free of their limiting pattern
    The reconfiguration of your wounding into connection, purpose, personal freedom and love is a journey with a defined path and process. You will learn about the processes that contribute to a shift in consciousness.

Why you don’t want to miss the live experience…

The content is not a rehash of books you have read or concepts you have seen elsewhere.

This understanding comes from an intimate exploration of reality and consciousness that has resulted in a tested and proven pathway to the realisation of your own truth.

When we strip back the confusion and looping of patterns we find a new way of being.

This Masterclass is a peek behind the veil of the wounding to your Wholeness.


What will I receive:

When you sign up to the Masterclass you will receive three free meditations that will begin to shift your consciousness around your Core Wounding.

These meditations are called Unloved, Unworthy and Unknown.

They hold important messages for your subconscious and a pathway to realisation of your potential beyond the wounding.

This is for you, if you are:

  • A Spirtual Seeker

  • On the path of Awakening

  • In emotional pain

  • Looking for relief from overwhelm

  • Know there is a better way but not sure what it is

  • Ready for deep healing

  • Curious about the Wounds



Allura has a multidimensional approach to bringing you all the support you need for your inner journey.

She has mastered the art of transformational healing after a radical out of body experience, and now uses her own process to heal deep core wounds, lead Quantum Journeys and re-design the architecture of reality, all with deep empathetic connection.

She has a post graduate degree in psychology, is an Advanced Quantum Meditation teacher, Psych K facilitator to shift limiting beliefs, Non-violent Communication Specialist and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Practitioner.

She specializes in rewiring the energetic patterning of your core wound of unloved, unworthy and unknown so you can live a life of energetic sovereignty.

She is a potent conduit between the human and the divine for all she meets.

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