The Four Chambers Of The Heart Hold The Four Chambers Of Transformation

heart shift Sep 23, 2022

The heart holds four chambers.

Our Heart Shift retreat is aligned with this natural magic, and there are four unique elements that beat in synchronicity with the natural chambers of your heart. It is these four components that allow you to step fully into the experience of complete transformation.

We have designed these four elements to create the whole; just like your beating heart uses each chamber to work in perfect harmony, so too do each of these retreat components allow us to create an experience for you that brings you everything you need, holistically.

Chamber 1. Releasing the Tension Of Ascension – Reconnect with your inner playfulness. Your journey to fulfilment reconnects you with your innate sense of play, bringing light and joy into the experience. In this space of openness, you can connect with the most authentic expression of your own divine inner union. It’s time to have fun again!

Chamber 2. Altered States – Your liberation is sprinkled with magic. The Heart Shift retreat will allow you to move beyond the fixed matrix design, as you move into the infinite potential of possibility and creation. Stepping out of the constraints of reality as you’ve known it, allows you to experience life in ways you never have before.

Chamber 3. Acts of Enlightenment – Our work together transcends the physical and the divine and combines elements from both to deliver you an experience that will take you out of your body, and then return you to it renewed. Through the power of music frequency, cacoa ceremony, medicinal mushrooms, ice and sound baths and the reality-shifting experience of accessing the Quantum Field, you will be refreshed from the inside, out. These acts will allow you to access your own enlightenment in the most authentic, soul shifting ways imaginable.

Chamber 4. Homecoming –This journey is designed to bring you home. It will return you to yourself, in body, mind and spirit. It will bring you back to your community; an all-encompassing, embracing and divine collective of souls who will hold and hear you, guiding you back to the love that surrounds you. You will be shown, through experiences beyond comprehension, how to return to your own life. The life of your desires. The life you’ve imagined. The life that IS possible. The life that awaits you.

Like the chambers of your heart, together we will beat in collective unity to celebrate, embrace and experience you and all your possibilities.

There is magic here. And that magic belongs to you.