The Exhale – Why and how Retreating offers you the opportunity to let go and breathe

retreats Sep 23, 2022

You know that feeling in your shoulders? The tightness, the clench, the way you don’t even realise just how much you’ve been holding in your muscles?

Can you feel your jaw now, the way it’s uncomfortably rigid, how it’s holding on to so much tension and stress?

This is how you are spending your days and minutes and hours in this experience of life; wound too tightly, carrying too much, unable to let the power of life’s energy force flow freely through you.

You deserve the opportunity to breathe again.

The Heart Shift Retreat is the ultimate exhale. Here, you will be held, guided and supported as you explore and express the possibilities of a life untamed.

You will be given the space to release the tension and struggle which has been constricting you, giving you the chance to finally let go of the pain, worry, fear and struggle that has kept you holding your breath for far too long.

It’s time to let go. To release. To exhale.

In this moment you will be able to show up as your most authentic self. You will be nourished and nurtured as you reconnect to the truth of who you are, stepping vibrantly into all the possibilities of  all that you are capable of. This space will leave you with no choice but to show up – for yourself.

As you release, and breathe once more, you will discover how powerful your reality becomes once you give yourself permission to become awake in your dreams.

Join us at our next retreat and get ready to remember what it feels like to finally let go, and breathe