How Emotional Addiction Supports the Wound

inner liberation Oct 07, 2022

How Emotional Addiction Supports the Wound

This is an in-depth understanding of how you look to your reality for material to feed your emotional addiction. This is the spiral of predictable emotions that begin from the same thought patterns and lead you into the same addictive emotional outcome.

You will be given the skills and tools you need to learn how to manage emotional expression beyond the addiction. This work is critical to your own growth and personal expansion.  

The Role of the Nervous System

The nervous system is how the wound perceives the threat in your reality. It holds your survival as it’s highest priority.

Yet from the wound, what it is trying to protect you from is an illusion. It’s the space where you feel that if you don’t receive that love, acknowledgment, security or knowing… that you will die in some way. Your nervous system has been programmed to have you believing in endings.  In truth, this is your wound that is being threatened. It’s the space where you feel like you will die if a certain desired outcome doesn’t arise. This is an incredibly powerful space to master as it moves you beyond the illusion of your nervous systems into the truth of your highest, evolutionary knowing.

Once you have overcome the wiring of an outdated and faulty nervous system, you move into the space of creation.

Wound Bond

This powerful session unravels how you bond with others via your wound. It teases out the unconscious dynamics so you have a very clear awareness of how you bond with others in the evolutionary space of the wound. When you understand this fully you have the potential to change the energetic field of all your relationships. This is one of the greatest gifts liberate the wounding of your relationships to come into greater freedom and internal peace. 

Inner Masculine and Feminine Evolution

Working with your internal masculine and feminine gifts gives you the capacity to evolve internally from a mature to divine state. This is where internal divine union arises and powerful inner boundaries are formed. It is in this space that you will meet the parts of yourself that have been mirrored to you from external relationships and you are now invited to own and transcend.

You will step fully into your complete self, into the power of your own wholeness and with perfect, aligned balance of all sides of who you are.

Unloved Wound Exploration

This is your opportunity to see the lengths you go to receive love. Your nervous system will perceive the experience of this as fundamental to your survival, you will have developed patterns of avoidance or over-involvement to feel safe in love. We will explore how you abandon and isolate yourself out of a fear of love. We will explore the relationship with your mother and father to understand your first experiences with this wounding. This is an incredibly liberating consciousness as you realise how to be fully loving to yourself on the most expanded levels and transform the relationships with those around you.