Thought Traps

inner liberation Oct 07, 2022

Thought Traps

Your wound will perpetuate similar, constricted thought patterns. These thought patterns initiate your nervous system and the perception of your reality. Identifying your thought patterns, you will understand how to best utilise your mind in the wound space. Being able to discern between an illusion and a truth based thought is essential to this process. Your Retreat experience will give you everything you need to stop the thought patterns which have kept you trapped.

The Program of the Wound

When you feel the most confusion and stress you will be stuck in a program. This will have equal and conflicting sides. This is one of the most challenging designs of the wound in reality. This process will allow you to unhook and release from the wounded space and dissolve life limiting programs to release yourself into truth.

Dying To Self

This is one of the most energetically liberating processes that you will experience. Understanding how to stretch your nervous system and die to your own wounded survival mechanism is incredibly liberating. It will be a game changer as to how you overcome adversity, challenges and your perception of reality. 

Unknown Wound Exploration

Feeling unseen, unknown, unheard is one part of the experience. The next is the sense of not knowing enough or not being accepted in your truth… and the final part of the unknown wound is fearing death. All of these come from the higher mind that is wanting to actualise self through expression and knowledge. To clarify and solidify self in the unknown space. This exploration will find where you are needing to know thy self and come home to the unknown on a really profound energetic level. You will no longer be held captive by anything that exists outside of you.

Breath Work and Medicinal Mushrooms

Breathing into altered states of consciousness as the way to expand into knowing. Within this space, we will switch on our higher knowing and connection with source consciousness.

Here, we return home. Home to self, and to source.

You are made of magic. This experience will allow you to breathe into that as you access your own reality in brand new ways. You will be able to expand and explore the infinite possibilities of truth and expression.

You hold within you the power to create everything imaginable. You are the universe.

The Inner Liberation Retreat will remove the shackles that have held you hostage throughout your life. Unblocking your internal wounding patterns, releasing the fear that has kept you captive, moving you beyond your addictions and past behaviours and guiding you to step into a life of more.

More of you.

More of all.

More of everything.

It is all yours, waiting for you.

It’s time to become the architect of your own reality.