Inner Liberation



22 - 25 June, 2023
Amara Retreat, QLD

A Retreat for Women to Find Inner Freedom

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Your Homecoming

This transformational three day, three night retreat offers a path to your energetic freedom and return to wholeness.

How much of you feels separate from the things you most long for?

How much of you is invested in the story of who you think you are?

How much of you is caught in a program of lack of worth, love or knowing?

When we invest externally in a wounded reality we abandon and betray our inner connection.

You are invited to learn how to unhook your energy from the external illusion and bring all of you into the highest levels of alignment, wholeness and personal freedom.

This experience is your homecoming to inner liberation.

Processes to Liberate You

You will be guided to experience and practice these life changing processes. They gift you the ability to create deep inner connection through a relationship with all parts of you. This deeply loving, supportive work will gift you full freedom to realise your worth, knowing, love and purpose.

1. Reclaiming Your Energy

Identify the core wounding that creates the greatest energetic drain in your life

Your energetic investment in the outside world, is how you sustain your wound.

You use everything within you to manage how the wound shows up in your life.

This will show up as an obsession with relationships, career, money, appearances, status, perception.

This is how the wound tries to create a sense of survival for you. 

But it simply depletes you energetically and leaves you trapped at the mercy of the outside world.

We are 99.99% energy and yet we commit to matter as if our life depended it. 

When you learn this high level energetic technique you will experience such a great internal release and a sense of a new level of connection to self that is beyond anything you ever known.

This is wholeness.

2. Dying To Self

Understand how to reclaim, restore and rewrite your energetic patterns

This is an opportunity to break your wound bond with reality.

The Dying To Self technique is the most profound way to experience real change in your life.

Presently you are clinging to relationships, thought programs, experiences, jobs, pain that does not serve your ability to create powerfully in the moment.

It's time to release.

You will be guided into this process, expertly and thoroughly so the authentic you can be born.

3. Quantum Healing

Quantum Meditation to Access higher consciousness

The Quantum Field is the source of all creation potentials.

As a divine, energetic being having a human experience, your ability to access this field of consciousness will allow you to realise your role as creator of your life.

You will be guided through a deep understanding of the science of the Quantum field as well as a practical experience of how you access it via meditation and how you can use the field to craft your life.

This access is the next step in our evolution and you are welcome to experience it now.

4. Transformational Breath Work

Breath work to release energetic patterns and experience altered states

Your breath is primary, it's your life force and regulates you to experience reality.

The three breath work process you will learn at retreat will allow you to become more masterful in your physical experience of reality.

The first will be how to soothe and reset the nervous system, the next will be opening heart coherence and the third will be exploring altered states.

This opportunity to embrace your own breath as your tool for transformation will allow you to liberate more fully from the external pressures of life.

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To Support Your Inner Liberation:

  • 3 days and 3 nights at Amara Retreat
  • Delicious wholefoods and snacks for your entire star (no cooking, no cleaning)
  • Gift on arrival
  • Deep Core Wound Work to transform your Unloved, Unworthy, Unknown Wound
  • 4 Life Changing Processes - Releasing Pain and Fear, Reclaiming Energy from the Wound, Following the Feeling and Dying to Self
  • 4 powerful recorded Quantum Mediation processes to prepare
  • 3 breath work techniques for creating safety in the body.


To Transform Your Reality:


  • Core Wound Healing
  • Extensive Guided Quantum Meditation
  • Dynamic Meditative Movement
  • Primal Sound Ceremony & Healing
  • Myofascial Release
  • Liberating the Spine - Yoga Session
  • 2 Transformational Breath Work Experiences
  • Quantum Self-Healing Guidance
  • 3 Kundalini Activation Sessions
  • Ice Bath Immersion

Pre-Retreat Support

  • One-on-one call with retreat host Allura Halliwell to explore your greatest desires and fears to be transumated during our time.
  • Access to our membership area to begin to form connections, support and access information to prepare for the retreat.
  • 3 powerful Quantum Guided Meditations to prepare your multidimensional Self to receive the most out of the retreat time.

Post-Retreat Support

  • 3 online post-retreat integration sessions hosted by Allura Halliwell.
  • These sessions include deepening the shared space with Quantum Meditation, a deep dive into relationships + emotional and physical integration post-retreat + sharing circle.
  • Online support via our 'Alchemy Portal'

 Lodgings You Deserve

Amara Retreat Centre is a stunning 44-acre sanctuary for healing and awakening. It is blessed with 180-degree views & is 25  minutes from the Sunshine Coast Airport.


The ‘Heart Centre’ is the venue’s beautiful 100sqm yoga studio with floor to ceiling glass to take in the gorgeous views. This is where we will experience all our meditations and processes. There are yoga mats, bolsters, blocks, and straps for use at the Retreat so no need to bring your own. We will be using the fire circle area for a fire ceremony and the main water hole and magnesium pool will be available for cleansing swims during breaks. There is also a steam room where you will be able to stretch and unwind.

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Hear from the women who have experienced the work...


Your Guides

Allura Halliwell

Allura has a multidimensional approach to bringing you all the support you need for your inner journey. She has mastered the art of transformational healing after a radical out of body experience, and now uses her own process to heal deep core wounds, lead Quantum Journeys and re-design the architecture of reality, all with deep empathetic connection. She has a post graduate degree in psychology, is an Advanced Quantum Meditation teacher, Psych K facilitator to shift limiting beliefs, Non-violent Communication Specialist and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) Practitioner. Allura runs powerful online group programs, leads heart-centred retreats, and has her own podcast called “The Mystic Within”. She specializes in rewiring the energetic patterning of your core wound of unloved, unworthy and unknown so you can live a life of energetic sovereignty. She is a potent conduit between the human and the divine for all she meets.

Gene Kelly

Gene Kelly has mastered the art of transformation through the practices of breath work, cold exposure and medicinal mushrooms. Gene takes a neuroscientific approach to change, and believes self-realization begins with self-regulation. This power unlocks our deepest resilience and truest purpose. By facilitating immersive breathwork experiences, Gene empowers people to rewire their nervous system so they can become the architect of their own lives.

How We Liberate

You will be expertly guided through the understanding of your energetic relationship with reality.
This new consciousness will allow you to witness the places you are betraying, abandoning, ignoring and losing yourself. You will be guided through reality shifting mechanisms to learn how to reclaim all this energy and understand the wound traps that draw you out of yourself.
You will learn how to use pain as the greatest portal home to your true Self. You will learn why you experience fear and how to create internal safety on levels you have never experienced before.
You will understand on the deepest levels what your core wound is and how it creates the unconscious patterns of your life.

Body Work Sessions

During this retreat, we will be joined by a number of guest facilitators specifically chosen to develop and strengthen your understanding of the mechanisms of self-healing through multidimensional quantum journeys and powerful body work.

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The Retreat offered a very powerful and transformative container in which to unpack and feel some core wounds and ultimately transform and integrate them into wholeness. After doing similar work when called over the years with some amazing mentors I can honestly say that Allura is one of the most on point facilitators to move you into an authentic place of self reflection and healing. I have told her that I think that she has somehow downloaded the whole universe and is now able to cleverly speak to the holographic patterns and fractal nature of human interaction in the most profound and compelling way. Her facilitation enabled so many concepts I understood at the level of my mind to land into my being to be fully felt, realised and integrated, I am so grateful for these shifts that have been so evident in my earth walk experiences since returning from the retreat"


Hear from more women below.


Quantum Meditation will create the foundation of your heart shift 

Remembering that you are a divine being having a human experience imbues you with a deeper sense of inner connection and expanded understanding about your place in the cosmos. 

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