1 - 3 September 2023

Noonaweena, Central Coast, NSW



This alchemising two night, three day Retreat offers multidimensional access to your energetic freedom and the expression of your wholeness.

  • Four Days and Three Nights luxury accommodation at Noonaweena Retreat on the Central Coast of Australia
  • All delicious whole foods and snacks for your stay
  • Gift on Arrival
  • Extensive Quantum Meditation
  • Alchemy processes to Release Pain and Fear
  • Deep Core Wound Work to transform your Unloved, Unworthy, Unknown Wound
  • Fire Walk experience
  • Ice Immersion
  • Medicinal Mushroom Journey with Psychedelic Breath Work
  • Breath Work Techniques for creating Safety in the Body, Self Love and Altered States
  • Sound Bath for Frequency Upgrade
  • Quantum Self-Healing Guidance ,
  • Kundalini Activation Sessions
  • Four powerful recorded Quantum Mediation Processes to Prepare .
  • Pre-Retreat One on One 30 minute Connection Call with Allura Halliwell
  • Post Retreat 3x Online Integration Sessions

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The word ALCHEMY comes from the latin words Magnum Opus which translate into “The Work.” It refers to the process of transforming various metals into gold.

However, it is the inner alchemist who pursues what is known as the gold that isn’t common gold. Not literal gold, but an inner essence of the soul — the gold of a whole and eternal Self.

At the Inner Alchemist Retreat, we will be creating the space to immerse yourself in the inner work in order to discover parts of yourself you never knew existed, see yourself in a whole new light and experience your own inner alchemy through a life-changing personal transformation.




Your relationship with life at a fundamental level is energetic. We become distracted and caught up with the physical aspects and separate from our true self.

At the Retreat we will define and understand your energetic patterns of participation with reality from the Core Wounding of either Unloved, Unworthy or Unknown.

We will make the unconscious aspects of this conscious so you can see how you are not designing life but succumbing to the wound.

This is the access point into radical transformational change to become a true energetic alchemist on this planet.


Suppressed, repressed and over-expressed emotion are all addictive emotional aspects of the Core Wound. At retreat you will gain an in-depth understanding of how you look to your reality for material to feed your emotional addiction.

This is the spiral of predictable emotions that begin from the same thought patterns and lead you into the same addictive emotional outcome.

Understanding how to alchemise your emotions to allow you to be more present in life,


You will be introduced to the immense power and magic of the Quantum Field.

This will be a practical meditation experience as well as a solid intellectual understanding of the Quantum Field.

This is the space of true freedom. As your consciousness merges with the field you move beyond time and space and become pure potential. TAs a divine, energetic being having a human experience, your ability to access this field of consciousness will allow you to realize your role as creator of your life.


This powerful session unravels how you bond with others via your wound.

It teases out the unconscious dynamics so you have a very clear awareness of how you bond with others in the evolutionary space of the wound.

When you understand this fully you have the potential to change the energetic field of all your relationships.

Working with your internal masculine and feminine gifts gives you the capacity to evolve internally from a mature to divine state.

This is where internal divine union arises and powerful inner boundaries are formed.


The greatest fear of every human is their own pain.  

Each human has their own illusion of what will bring them pain. We learn to lock in the avoidance of pain, drawing more pain towards us, through the focus of our attention on the fear.

You will be guided to explore the greatest release mechanism of the wound; feeling your pain to move beyond fear.

This will give you the capacity to crack open and release the ingrained energetic blocks.

The outcome will be huge amounts of energy are reclaimed into your body freeing you from old patterns, wounding and limitation.


According to the ancients, everything in existence is comprised of the 4 quintessential elements of Earth, Water, Wind and Fire.
Four powerful processes throughout the Retreat will connect you to your ability to transmute these elements into your own internal power, to rise in Consciousness.

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Join The Inner Alchemist Retreat

The Retreat offered a very powerful and transformative container in which to unpack and feel some core wounds and ultimately transform and integrate them into wholeness. After doing similar work when called over the years with some amazing mentors I can honestly say that Allura is one of the most on point facilitators to move you into an authentic place of self reflection and healing. I have told her that I think that she has somehow downloaded the whole universe and is now able to cleverly speak to the holographic patterns and fractal nature of human interaction in the most profound and compelling way. Her facilitation enabled so many concepts I understood at the level of my mind to land into my being to be fully felt, realised and integrated, I am so grateful for these shifts that have been so evident in my earth walk experiences since returning from the retreat"


Retreat Experiences 


This Retreat is held immersed in the natural beauty of Noonaweena.

Noonaweena offers you and your group an experience one might expect from a five-star retreat. Luxury and comfort, a refreshing air of solitude and the natural beauty of our manicured grounds offer guests an idyllic setting for renewal and reflection.

There are three accommodation options available upon sign up; dorm room, shared room, and individual room.

All meals are fully provided and dietary requirements are accounted for. The menu is fresh, whole foods based, with vegan and vegetarian options.


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Retreat Packages

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Deposit from $375

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