Heart Shift Retreats

An opportunity to Immerse & Evolve

10 - 13 November 2023


22 - 24 March



During the reatreats Allura Halliwell will lead you through the Energetic, Quantum and Core Wound Work.

Working with Allura takes on a multidimensional form. Through all her offerings you are able to access unconditional love, wholeness and creation powers from within you.

Allura honours and supports your sovereignty in the space you share and focus is on you experiencing energetic self sufficiency and from there, stepping into the full creation powers you have within you.

Gene Kelly will lead you through the Break Work, Ice Immersion, Fire Walking and Body based practices.

Gene believes transformation begins with self-regulation; the ability to not let one's internal state be dictated by their external environment. This power unlocks our deepest resilience and truest purpose. 

By facilitating immersive breath experiences, Gene teaches people how to conquer stress and rewire their nervous system so they can become the architect of their own lives. 

He blends deep-breathing techniques and medicinal mushrooms to nourish and unleash the hidden power we all share: an inner strength that leads to peace and calm regardless of what life throws at us. Then there is the potential for optimal choices that orient us towards our long-term goals and our highest potential. 

Gene firmly believes that there is nothing in life that we can't breathe through and, like mushrooms, we can all grow in the dark. His techniques range from managing stress and maintaining internal equilibrium to those that can rewire the nervous system and induce altered states of consciousness.

Together they create a wholistic experience of both body and soul, matter and energy to give you an unforgettable retreat experience.

Pillars of Work

Core Wound Work

Healing your pattern of being Unworthy, Unloved and Unknown

Quantum Meditation

Harnessing Source Consciousness for Manifestation and Evolution

Reality Reshaping

Understanding the Design of Reality - move out of Victim and into Creator

Embodiment Work

Using body processes to liberate from pain and fear

"I had never meditated so deeply before, feeling the energy in my body. The physical response was like nothing I had ever felt before."


""It's powerful, transformational and safe. I felt I was able to be vulnerable and it was received so beautifully. I feel much more whole and connected to self. I feel I can now reach out and connect to others.".



  • Daily guided quantum meditation
  • Extensive internal exploration of core wounding

  • Rewriting of limiting unconscious patterns

  •  Transformation breathwork ceremony

  • Kundalini activation
  • Firewalking ceremony
  • Ice bath immersion
  • Medicinal Mushroom experience
  • Voice activation
  • Ecstatic dance release
  • Sound bath healing
  • Cacao ceremony
  • Nature hikes / Forest bathing
  • Soul Connections 


  • Private chef
  • Full catering
  • Beautiful locations around Australia
  • Private and shared accommodation options
  • Pre-Retreat call to set Intention
  • Post-Retreat Support Program (3 weeks)
  • Four Downloadable Quantum Meditations
  • Online Breath Work Program






Because you know, hidden deep within your soul, there is a potent power, an inner knowing and whole-hearted love.

Still, despite your dedication to the practises, you have yet to experience the profound shift you seek.

Perhaps you:

  • Repeatedly find yourself in energy draining situations.
  • Find yourself in a loop of co-dependant relationships.
  • Constantly seek external validation in order to feel like you’re worthy or “enough.”
  • Or you have seen the light in the past and are now searching for the road back to Self.




These retreat experiences are designed for spiritual seekers to evolve to their next level of consciousness.

Whether an advanced seeker or at the beginning of the journey, this is a space to immerse in the inner work and remove the blocks to full self-acceptance, unconditional love and a greater sense of power & purpose in your life.




These experiences offer no quick fixes, magic formulas or solutions external to yourself.

Instead, you will receive the priceless gift of unearthing your own innate power and discover that you are the one you have been searching for.

With love and compassion, Allura offers the opportunity for you to bear witness to your own illusions and programming. You will be fully received and held in a safe, supportive environment, free from judgement and assumptions.

Within the group format, you will receive individual support and attention throughout the entire Retreat.


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right retreat for you:

10 - 13 November 2023

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22 - 24
March 2024

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Feeling unsure?


Allura will guide you through her foundational work with the Core Wound to identify your programming and the patterns that have been holding you back.

It is here that this revolutionary method holds a mirror to your erroneous beliefs about yourself and your reality and grants the opportunity to recognize them, acknowledge them, and then release them.

As Allura is commonly quoted, “Pain is the portal to your evolution.”

Throughout Retreat, you will be supported to sit in the discomfort of letting go of your long-held illusions, paving the way for realisation of The Truth.

Participants should expect to be challenged, yet divinely held, in order for transformation to occur.

Still feeling unsure?

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