Divine Alignment


It's a Galactic Journey across the Multiverse to arrive home to your Multidimensional self



August 5th to 7th  

The Mystic Within

Kurrajong, NSW

You Are Invited

The invitation is for women who have traversed great spiritual and emotional journeys to come to a place of inner standing and who are ready to evolve to the next level


This incredibly powerful soul remembrance has 4 pillars delivered in activation pairs by retreat guides Allura Halliwell & Simi Sutton



Dying to self

Rebirthing into wholeness




Unwinding the wound

Opening Spinal source




Unleashing the suppression 

 Expressing Authenticity


Birthing your Galactic Origins

Human Temple Technology


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 Our magical retreat venue is Curraweena House at Kurrajong nestled in the serene Blue Mountains of New South Wales.

This incredibly stylish and inspiring space will enable your body to experience the luxury and relaxation it desires while we journey thorough the cosmos.

The barn is a purpose built space to hold our meditation, breath and movement adventures. 

The menu is fresh and whole foods based. All meals are fully provided and dietary requirements are accounted for.


Inclusions To Support Your Divine Alignment

  • Three days and two nights at Curraweena House
  • All nourishing whole food meals and snacks
  • Extensive Quantum Meditation Guidance and Journeying
  • Rebirthing into Wholeness through Movement
  • Unwinding the Spiral of the Wound
  • Opening to Spinal Source Consciousness
  • Unleashing Suppression & Expressing Authenticity
  • Birthing Your Galactic Origins
  • Activating Body Temple Technology
  • Breath Work, the rewiring of your relationship to pain, fear & limitations
  • Kundalini Activation 
  • Cacao & Essence Closing Ceremony
  • Retreat gift just for you
  • Free Time to Journal 
  • Four Powerful recorded Quantum Meditation Processes to Prepare 
  • Pre-Retreat One on One 30 minute Connection Call with Allura
  • Post Retreat 4 Online Integration Sessions
  • Post Retreat: Online Homecoming Lion's Gate Portal - 8th August
  • Online Membership Portal for Ongoing Group Connection and access to materials and guidance

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Home coming Lion'sGate Portal

You will be landing in your new reality on the 8th of August.
As you will have just returned home from retreat we feel this is a potent time to bridge the retreat and home life, seen and unseen, known and unknown in a powerful online ceremony.
You are invited to join Allura and Simi online on the 08-08 at 8pm to access this powerful alignment with the star system Sirius with the Sun and Earth.
The activation aligns over the pyramids of Giza assisting us to access the gifts of our ancient consciousness from our ancient Egyptian lives. This energy connects us to our royalty, our galactic ancestry, it is deeply mystical and supports us in remembering our starry origins, and coming into the power and remembrance of that.
In addition to this already powerful energy, the moon will be in the 13 sign of Ophiucus over this period, giving us even greater access into the mystery - into the Mystic Within.
All details will be accesible via the online Retreat portal once you have signed up.

Pre & Post Retreat Design:

Entering into this sacred space is a home-coming to a spiritual family and a deeply supported network. 

At Divine Alignment Retreats we understand the process of transformation is not contained to the weekend and that it flows into every aspect of life. The preparation and integration process is critical to making your retreat experience a lasting personal investment.



  • A one on one call with Retreat Host Allura Halliwell, to explore your greatest desires and fears to be transmuted during our time
  • Access to our membership area to begin to form connections and access supportive information to prepare for the Retreat
  • Three powerful Quantum Guided Meditations to prepare your multidimensional self to receive the most out of the Retreat time



We believe the retreat does not end when you return home, in fact homecoming is a vital period of internal integration and life realignment. It can be an  emotional and chaotic time for some, as new levels of coherence arise.

The online support we provide via our ‘Alchemy Portal’ is vital.

  • For three weeks post retreat there will be three powerful online integration sessions hosted by Allura Halliwell
  • These sessions include deepening the shared space with Quantum Meditation, a deep dive into relationships, emotional and physical integration post retreat and a sharing circle
  • An online Astrological Calibration session with Retreat guide Simi Shea


"Something deeply painful completely changed for me. In just one session it has gone. It was all within me."
"Coming here gave me what I have been looking for, for a long time."
"The kundalini energy completely took over my body"
"I felt really heard and seen and it meant stuff could bubble up that happened more than 20 years ago."
"This weekend has really been a turning point in identifying the core wound and dealing with it."
"I had never meditated so deeply before, feeling the energy in my body. The physical response was like nothing I had ever felt before."
"From this retreat I accept who I am and love who I am. From that space is freedom and wholeness and that is all I need."
"I felt my anxiety settle because Allura holds the space so beautifully. I knew I was safe, so I was able to open up and enjoy the retreat so much more."
"Allura's powerful awakening meditations and visits to the deepest parts of ourselves are like no other therapy."
"The mediation just took me next level. The experience of source and bliss has taken my language away. It was so powerful.
I felt I was my light body, in its entirety, for the first time ever and it was incredible ."
"It's powerful, transformational and safe. I felt I was able to be vulnerable and it was received so beautifully.
I felt much more whole and connected to self. I feel I can now reach out and connect to others."

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Core Retreat Elements


This is an emotionally and physically supported space to come into the fullest expression of self. Developing and strengthening your understanding of the mechanisms of self healing through multidimensional quantum journeys and powerful body work.


The Soul

Deeply connecting through the source of you through the Quantum field reminds you of the infinite multidimensional being you are. Developing and strengthening your understanding of the mechanisms of self healing through multidimensional quantum journeys.

Guided Quantum processes will gift you the ability to tune into your miraculous healing abilities, upgrading your consciousness and fine tuning your creation powers.


The Body

Allowing the energetic release and cellular reconfiguration through healing processes will reinvigorate your whole body.

Learning to care can connect with your womb through physical alignment and integration, deeply restorative yoga, kundalini energy release sessions, ecstatic dance and breath work all will deeply re-connect your body.


The Being

Being fully seen, heard and acknowledge for who you are allows you to remember you’re Being. The Space to express and connect with the unseen layers. A group of divine, heart centred, fellow spiritual seekers will be there to connect with the essence of you.

I begin

To know

I am

Fully Here and Fully Present

I have everything I need for this moment

Fully Seen

Fully Heard

Fully Enough

Fully Loved

Fully Held

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