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Dismantling Reality


Illuminate Reality, Liberate Your Life

This is the ultimate commitment to becoming a new level of being on the planet. This highly activating, revolutionary experience take nothing for granted. 

Most of the content has been sourced from explorations of consciousness and will challenge all you know.

Nothing is taken for granted.

As you journey deep into the unknown spaces that appear for you a deep inner knowing will grow.

This is always where you have meant to be and always have been, uncovering and embracing the nature of your existence here.

In doing so the level of liberation beyond any three dimensional constraints will become apparent.

Any human experience of pain, wounding, limitation or lack will be surrendered into as holding the access point to your next evolutionary step.

This will be a turning point for you.

It is no coincidence that it is here as a turning point arrises for all of humanity.

Together we will birth a new reality.

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The Unique Design

How Transformation Is Inevitable


In every now moment available to you in this journey there will be an invitation to sink deeper into your own knowing, your own multidimensional access, your own wholeness, your being ness.

Inevitably, in periods of sustained awareness you will come to know a truth beyond that which you have always known.

The design of the experience ensures this.


What Is Expected?

  • Every week you will attend a consciousness expansion session, where you will be guided by Allura to remove any limitations and integrate more deeply the weekly content.
  • Every week has a written explanation of the concept, an opportunity to apply it to your own life and an extremely powerful quantum meditation.
  • Over the course of the 12 weeks you will be introduced to 5 Pre-Protocols and 5 Protocols, these will become foundational processes for your unfolding experience. They will also provide you a duality-free access points into a new wholeness consciousness.
  • You will discover yourself amongst a radical group of loving leaders, who will become a soul family to you and your journey, you will feel a profound connection and compassion for all beings and feel a level of support that you have possibly never experienced.
  • You will be contributing to a new roadmap for humanity, exploring and embodying sovereignty, liberation, regeneration, multidimensional access, body and mind restructuring and claiming the endless potential here.
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The Protocols

A Map For A New Reality


There are six Protocols that will be introduced to you via powerful Quantum experiences and information that will ignite your inner knowing. These protocols are keys to Wholeness Reality and will align you to your purpose, mastery and inner, infinite love. They are supported by the Pre-Protocols that are foundational, three-dimensional reality work necessary to allow you the exploration needed before the expansion state of the Protocols take place. You will be guided through these by Allura in live consciousness raising sessions each week.

Protocol: Power of Unknown

Pre-Protocol: Discerning Truth from Illusion

Protocol: Wholeness of All

Pre-Protocol: Escape Judgement Reality

Protocol: Overriding the Nervous System

Pre-Protocol: The Illusion of Survival

Protocol: Infinite Choice Points

Pre-Protocol: Prison of Programs

Protocol: Freedom From Addiction

Pre-Protocol: You Are An Addict

Protocol: Bravely Breaking Reality

Pre-Protocol: Consumption of Wound Reality

Bonus Protocol: Living Purpose

Bonus Pre-Protocol: The False Limit On Human Potential

Bonus Protocol: Birthing The New Essence

Bonus Pre-Protocol: Forces of Creation Combine

Join Now And Receive Two Bonus Experiences

In preparation for Dismantling Reality register for the free Quantum Meditation Masterclass plus the Deep Dive Quantum Meditation Experience

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Course Aim


The aim of this course is to guide you as you undertake the journey from wounded reality, into the truth of wholeness.

You will gain deep understanding into the ways the Core Wound presents itself throughout your life. You will identify how the wound is triggered, the addictions we use to mask it, the emotions that confuse the wound and why we need to feel the deep pain below it all.

You will discover the truth that is possible, once you move beyond the wound space.

You are going to release your pain, free yourself from the constraints of your past, and create the space for a life of new beginnings & infinite possibilities.


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How Does The Course Work?


Course Content

Each week, you will receive access to written course content which will help guide your journey towards understanding your experience of the core wound, and how to move beyond the wound space.

The course is comprised of 12 modules.

There are 6 Pre-Protocol modules, and 6 Protocol modules.

Together, these sessions will take you on the most powerful journey of your life.


Discovery Activity

To support you in your learning experience, there will be a Discovery Activity for you to complete at home each week of the Pre-Protocol sessions. These inspired activities are perfectly aligned with your weekly learning, and will help you fully connect with the information you are uncovering.

The tasks will allow you to immerse deeply into the course material, encouraging you to connect your new knowledge to your own life experiences, and helping you to heal.


Quantum Meditation

You will also be provided with a Supporting Meditation for each Pre-Protocol module, giving access to a deepened experience and supporting you to fully comprehend and explore your new perceptions and understanding.

Every second week, you will dive deep into the Protocol session. These lessons are where deep, life changing work happens. In these weeks, you will be supported as you engage in a Quantum Reality Shifting Experience, the ultimate consciousness raising exercise. These incredibly powerful, deeply meditative experiences will connect your quantum reality to your 3D experience; allowing you to heal, grow and develop new patterns, responses and behaviours.

These Quantum sessions will give you the opportunity to experience your life as the full, rich, whole and beautiful experience you deserve & desire.

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Support And Connection


Throughout the course, you will receive access to weekly Live Zoom sessions with The Core Wound Doctor, Allura.

These powerful meetings will serve as an essential point of contact for you to share your learnings, check in and highlight any powerful realisations.

Your Zoom Check In will allow you to step into the space with any questions that need clarifying, any awareness that needs supporting, or any consciousness that needs raising.

Here, you will get the opportunity to connect directly with Allura in a group setting, to allow you to share and receive the necessary support and guidance to move into the next level of awareness.

Allura will also participate actively within the community space.

Here, you can post questions and thoughts and receive interactive support and connection as you work through the course material.

As well as your connection with Allura, you will be supported by your fellow community members and course participants as together, you undergo the experience of moving beyond your experience of this reality, and into the truth of wholeness.

Please know, if at any time throughout the course you find yourself needing an additional level of one on one support, Allura welcomes you to book in for a private session with her.

The Invitation


This is deep committed work over a three month period that is designed to truly shift your reality. Are you ready to live like heaven on earth, fully liberated, clear and purposeful? If yes, sign up below.

I genuinely can't wait to 'DISMANTLE REALITY' with you.

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