Feelings Profile – Motivation and Drive

retreats Sep 22, 2022

Someone looking to retreat would be feeling stuck in their pain. They would be aware of the fact that their life is lacking, they would desire a sense of freedom and fulfilment, but not know how to access that. They would be seeking support.

They would be looking for guidance and for the opportunity to be held and supported as they are given the knowledge and skills they need to live a more meaningful, powerful life. They may have experienced challenges in their day to day life, struggled with their mental health, or simply be on a spiritual quest to access the divine.

They would come from all walks of life – this retreat is not designed only for those on a spiritual path. It is accessible to all; it can be as easily digested by the high level executive, as the stay at home Mum, as the spiritual guru. It is for all people who are ready to have MORE in their lives. It is for those who feel stuck, trapped or unsettled.

 It is for those who have had glimmers into the possibility that there is simply more available to access and experience in their lives, and they want to know how to get it. It is for people who have tried traditional therapeutic techniques to help them move beyond their pain, without success. It is for those who know they can no longer do surface level healing. They know they must go deep, into the core of their pain, and be guided to move through and beyond that.

 They want the time and space to be given the opportunity to focus on and dedicate themselves for a time, to this work. They want to release the responsibility of their day to day lives – working, cooking, cleaning, parenting, moving from place to place and thing to thing – and instead, dive deep into the internal so they can create lasting change in the external.

Someone looking to share in my retreat would be wanting to heal on all levels. They would be wanting an experience that works on multiple layers; nervous system, thought programs, relationships, communication, triggers and the wounds of unloved unworthy and unknown.

They would resonate with the fact that this retreat will allow them to do that, and they would feel excited by the possibility of this opportunity that is so much more than anything they’ve ever done before.

My retreats allow people to become who they truly are, who they want to be, who they were destined to become. To move out of separation and into wholeness. From Lack into abundance. And beyond Fear and into love.

Someone who wants to retreat with me, is looking to feel and become whole.