17th to 19th February 2023

Noonaweena, Central Coast, NSW


Powerful two night, three day retreat is for those who have attended a Retreat previously and/or completed the Core Wound Mentorship.
This is the next level of Reality Creation and will draw on powerful new elements of Source Consciousness and Quantum design.

  • Two nights of luxury accommodation at Noonaweena Retreat on the Central Coast of Australia
  • Private chef providing all delicious wholefoods and snacks
  • Extensive Quantum Meditation and Quantum Design processes
  • Life-changing Quantum Manifestation technique
  • Understanding the Unseen elements of the Duality
  • Using the wounding to Initiate more powerful consciousness shifts
  • Multiple Ice Baths to rewire the Nervous System
  • Two Intensive rebirthing Breath work Ceremonies
  • Kundalini Activation and Re-alignment to Energetic Freedom
  • Secret Challenge activity to move beyond Fear program
  • A one-on-one pre-retreat consult
  • A personally designed post-retreat Creation Plan
  • Three post retreat group sessions
  • New Quantum Meditations to develop and practice new Reality creation skills

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The Commitment

You have completely challenged the unconscious existence on this planet to become conscious of your wounding, addictions, energetic abandonment, pain-fear mechanism and survival program.

Now, for the first time, you are invited to immerse yourself in the next level of Wound work; realising your Wholeness.

This Retreat will take you deeper into the energetics of the Wound Design with higher levels of consciousness.
It will also initiate you into a deeper level of access to the power of the Quantum field for healing, downloading and reality creation.

It is also an opportunity to come together with a group of incredible beings who are committed to their energetic soverignty and wholeness.
This is a tribe unlike any other, that speaks the same language and is mastering the same energetic freedom on the planet.


Digging Deeper

  • Witnessing the understanding of the fractal pattern of your wound through other lifetimes
  • Integrating the understanding of the timeless, infinite nature of the wound
  • Solidifying the energetic integration and reclamation through all space-time dimensions
  • Understanding the level of Wound addiction and witnessing the patterns
  • Digging deeper into the subtle wound programs that hold us in confusion and separation states

Quantum Expression

  • Learning the Quantum Design process. This is the process that harnesses the Tesla creation process. You will be shown how to identify a creation from Wholeness and then how to implement this creation through a clear process of aligning frequency and intention.
  • Extensive realisation and orientation in the Quantum realm
  • Accessing the power of the Quantum to rewrite reality programs and for self-initiated healing
  • Tuning into Source Consciousness and integrating it as the lived expression of your engagement with reality
  • Understanding the power of frequencies and how to access them to create timelines
  • Using the Quantum state as a Resting place when the wound flares

Purpose and Frequency 

  • Understanding how to use your body to holographically create your reality
  • Understanding the power of frequency to design reality experiences
  • Creating timelines to align to frequencies
  • Understanding how reality consumption impacts on your frequency
  • Activating purpose and clearing any wound barriers to creating external progress

Source Activation

  • Activating source consciousness
  • Upgrading and restructuring body systems like the nervous system and sensory system
  • Connecting with Source for heightened downloads and guidance

Breath and Body Work

We will be exploring the fear/pain mechanism on deeper levels by using powerful body-based processes, including ice baths, breath work, and an additional surprise challenge exercise.
The purpose of these will be to stretch the nervous system into new states of connectivity beyond fear:

  • Find and confront the threshold of fear and see the illusion it creates
  • Witness the release of energetics through the fear/pain mechanism
  • Challenge the three-dimensional relationship with reality to build a deeper energetic one
  • Use the body as a portal to move beyond the constructs of limitation designed by programs
  • Design a more empowered relationship with self and reality through building confidence with inner connection

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The Divine Alignment Retreat offered a very powerful and transformative container in which to unpack and feel some core wounds and ultimately transform and integrate them into wholeness. After doing similar work when called over the years with some amazing mentors I can honestly say that Allura is one of the most on point facilitators to move you into an authentic place of self reflection and healing. I have told her that I think that she has somehow downloaded the whole universe and is now able to cleverly speak to the holographic patterns and fractal nature of human interaction in the most profound and compelling way. Her facilitation enabled so many concepts I understood at the level of my mind to land into my being to be fully felt, realised and integrated, I am so grateful for these shifts that have been so evident in my earth walk experiences since returning from the retreat"


Retreat Experiences 


This Retreat is two nights and three days immersed in the natural beauty of Noonaweena.

Noonaweena offers you and your group an experience one might expect from a five-star retreat. Luxury and comfort, a refreshing air of solitude and the natural beauty of our manicured grounds offer guests an idyllic setting for renewal and reflection.

There are three accommodation options available upon sign up; dorm room, shared room, and individual room.

All meals are fully provided and dietary requirements are accounted for. The menu is fresh, whole foods based, with vegan and vegetarian options.

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Retreat Packages

Twin Share

Join the retreat in a twin share room

Deposit from $516

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